How do I reset my Asus laptop BIOS password?

How do I reset my Asus laptop BIOS password?

Power on your laptop and press F2. If that does not work, try pressing the Esc key and enter your BIOS password to log into the BIOS settings. Locate the security option on the menu and click on the Administrator option. Key in the new password to reset the BIOS password on your Asus PC.

How do I find my ASUS BIOS password?

Set up BIOS Administrator Password on Asus PC

  1. Start/restart Asus PC, press F2 (or Esc) key to get into BIOS (UEFI) settings.
  2. Navigate to the Main menu, select Security.
  3. Locate to Administrator Password (or Supervisor password), press Enter or click on it.
  4. Enter the password on the pop-up box.

How do I reset my Asus BIOS?

After reconnecting the power and booting, press and hold the delete key or F2 key to enter the BIOS to reset. 2. Restart, press DEL on the keyboard, enter the BIOS and press F5. After Load Optimized Defaults appears, select Ok, and the BIOS will return to the default value.

How do I get past the BIOS password?

If you’re computer technician, you can also get past the BIOS password with the jumper settings. Or boot to a Windows disc or USB and open a command prompt , then use the freeware CMOSPWD to find the BIOS backdoor password: When the above methods don’t work, you need to contact the manufacturer to reset it.

Does removing battery reset the BIOS?

A few people said that taking out the battery has helped reset the BIOS, however a lot of people said that it didn’t work for them. be quiet! DARK ROCK TF 3rd: Normally changing the BIOS Chip Locked by a Blank One while Upgrading (Called HOT SWAP) installs an Unlocked BIOS.

How to fool the BIOS into thinking there is no password set?

We want to ensure that the only data that gets read out is NULL. This should fool the BIOS into thinking there is no password set. We can conveniently tie both the SCL and SDA pins together in order to achieve what we want.

How do I know what pin is the BIOS on?

Pin 1 can be identified by the dot/circle etched next to it (some packages may have a semicircle etched on the edge between pins 1 and 8) and the pins are numbered anticlockwise. The BIOS communicates with the serial EEPROM through a bus called I2C.