How do I reset the filter on a winix 9500?

How do I reset the filter on a winix 9500?

Remove the front panel and lightly vacuum the dust and odor sensors every two months. With the power on, press the FILTER REPLACEMENT RESET button and hold for 5-10 seconds or until the light turns off.

How do you reset a winix air cleaner?

Turn the power on, then use a paperclip or another thin object to press the RESET button for at least 5 seconds. After it resets, a short beep will sound and the light will turn off. The light indicates whether PlasmaWave® is enabled or disabled.

How do I reset the check filter light on a winix PlasmaWave?

Resetting Filter Life: After replacing your True HEPA Filter, place the Pre-Filter back in and close the Front Panel. While the unit is on, hold the Filter Reset Button for at least 5 seconds until you hear the beep. After the beep, the Filter Replacement Indicator will disappear. Your Winix True HEPA is now reset.

How do I reset the filter on my Winix PlasmaWave?

Filter Reset Button LED light indicates when it is time to change the filter. After replacing the True HEPA Filter, use a small object such as a paper clip, to press and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds until the Check Filter light turns off.

How do you reset an air filter change indicator?

Reset the indicator by pushing the yellow reset at the end of the indicator. Another type of air filter service indicator is the Filter Minder® Single Position Service Indicator. The clear window turns red when maximum recommended restriction has been reached.

How do I reset the filters on my Winix app?

Why is winix light red?

A: Hello, the unit is sensing particles or odors (vocs) and changing the air quality indicator to red. If the unit is being used in the auto mode, the fan speeds will automatically adjust to clean the air at the best rate.

What do the colors on the winix air purifier mean?

Color coded LED light indicates one of three levels of Air Quality: Red (poor), Amber (fair), and Blue (good). When Sleep Mode is activated, the Air Quality Indicator LED light is disabled. Fan speed will automatically set to minimum speed (lower than ‘Low’) which will be nearly silent.

How do I reset the check filter light on a winix Plasmawave?

Which HEPA filter is compatible with Winix 9500?

Nispira True HEPA Replacement Filter B Compatible with Winix Air Purifier 9500 and U300. Compared to Part 114190 1 Set . Only 11 left in stock – order soon.

How many pages is the manual for Winix 9500 air cleaner?

Winix Manuals Air Cleaner 9500 Use and care manual Winix 9500 Use And Care Manual True hepa air cleaner with plasmawave technology ultimate pet model Hide thumbs Also See for 9500 Use and care manual- 33 pages

How do I contact Winix for product support?

For Product Support: Contact Winix at (877) 699-4649 Pure Air. Pure Comfort. Technology Table of Contents Previous Page Next Page 1 2 3 4 5 Advertisement Table of Contents

Will Winix repair or replace the product if it fails?

Page 2When installed, operated and maintained according to all instructions supplied with this product, Winix, at its option, will repair or replace the product if it fails because of a defect in material or workmanship, as determined by Winix.