How do I SELECT a minimum date in SQL?

How do I SELECT a minimum date in SQL?

SELECT MIN returns the smallest value for a column. SELECT MAX returns the largest value for a column.

How do you find the minimum value in SQL?

To find the minimum value of a column, use the MIN() aggregate function; it takes as its argument the name of the column for which you want to find the minimum value. If you have not specified any other columns in the SELECT clause, the minimum will be calculated for all records in the table.

How do I SELECT a row with minimum value in SQL?

To select data where a field has min value, you can use aggregate function min(). The syntax is as follows. SELECT *FROM yourTableName WHERE yourColumnName=(SELECT MIN(yourColumnName) FROM yourTableName);

Does MIN function work on dates?

MIN is an aggregate function so it will return 1 record in your question’s case. Since the two records have the same date and timestamp it doesn’t matter which date and timestamp are returned (they’re the same).

Why is SQL min date 1753?

The decision to use 1st January 1753 ( 1753-01-01 ) as the minimum date value for a datetime in SQL Server goes back to its Sybase origins. The significance of the date itself though can be attributed to this man. Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield.

How do you SELECT the lowest value in a column in MySQL?

The MySQL MIN() function is an aggregate function that returns the minimum value from an expression. Typically, the expression would be a range of values returned as separate rows in a column, and you can use this function to find the minimum value from the returned rows.

Is Min an aggregate function in SQL?

An aggregate function performs a calculation one or more values and returns a single value….SQL Server Aggregate Functions.

Aggregate function Description
MIN The MIN() aggregate function returns the lowest value (minimum) in a set of non-NULL values.

How to get date from datetime column in SQL?

Get the date and time right now (where SQL Server is running): select current_timestamp ; — date and time, standard ANSI SQL so compatible across DBs select getdate (); — date and time, specific to SQL Server select getutcdate (); — returns UTC timestamp select sysdatetime(); — returns 7 digits of precision

What is the current date in SQL?

To get the current date and time of the database server, you use the SQL CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function as shown below: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. The CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function is a SQL-standard function supported by almost all database systems such as DB2, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

What is SQL date format and how to change it?

– Use the FORMAT function to format the date and time. – To get DD/MM/YYYY use SELECT FORMAT (getdate (), ‘dd/MM/yyyy ‘) as date. – To get MM-DD-YY use SELECT FORMAT (getdate (), ‘MM-dd-yy’) as date. – Check out more examples below.

How to use getdate in SQL?

SQL Server GETDATE() Function SQL Server Functions. Example. Return the current database system date and time: SELECT GETDATE(); Try it Yourself » Definition and Usage. The GETDATE() function returns the current database system date and time, in a ‘YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.mmm’ format. Tip: Also look at the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function.