How do I send someone my EndNote library?

How do I send someone my EndNote library?

Sharing EndNote Libraries

  1. Go to your EndNote library and then go to File > Export…
  2. Select a location to the file and then, select: Save as type select Text File (. txt). Output style select EndNote Export.
  3. This file can be emailed as attachment or uploaded onto a Cloud-based storage system and shared.

How do you superscript in pages?

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to quickly apply superscript or subscript to selected text. For superscript, press Control-Shift-Command-Plus Sign (+). For subscript, press Control-Command-Minus Sign (-).

How do I move references from one EndNote library to another?

Yes, you can transfer a few references from one or both libraries by exporting them as an XML file. Start by selecting the references you want then go to the Endnote toolbar and select File > Export. In the export dialog box change the “Save as type” setting to: XML.

How do you cite an illustration?

Include information in the following order:

  1. author (if available)
  2. year produced (if available)
  3. title of image (or a description)
  4. Format and any details (if applicable)
  5. name and place of the sponsor of the source.
  6. accessed day month year (the date you viewed/ downloaded the image)

How do you cite an illustrator book in APA?

Format: Author Surname, Initial(s)., & Illustrator Surname, Initial(s). (Illustrator). (Year).

How do you cite an image from a book?

Citing a photograph from a book Image Creator’s Last, First M. Image Title. Year Created. Book Title, by Book Author’s First Last Name, Publisher, Year Published.

How do you MLA cite a page in a book?

An MLA book citation always includes the author(s), title (italicized), publisher, and publication year in the list of Works Cited….Citing a book chapter.

Format Author last name, First name. “Title of Chapter or Work.” Book Title, edited by Editor name, Publisher, Year, pp. Page range.
In-text citation (Smith 101)

How do I merge EndNote references in Word?


  1. Create a blank document where you will place all the chapters.
  2. Make a backup copy of all the documents you wish to merge.
  3. Open the documents to be merged in Word.
  4. Copy the text of the individual documents, but NOT the reference list.
  5. Paste the text from the individual documents into the new blank document.

How do I transfer my EndNote library to another computer?

Go to the File menu and choose “New”. Name the new library and choose “Save”. For EndNote 20: Go to the Library menu and choose “Sync”. Click OK (it may warn about merging, click OK on that message) and wait for the sync to finish and you will end up with the references on the computer.

What is MLA citation for a book?

The basic form for a book citation is: Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. City of Publication, Publisher, Publication Date.

How do you cite a picture from a book MLA?

Format: Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Illustrator’s First and Last Name, Publisher, Publication Year.

How do I open an EndNote library?

To Open a Compressed Library:

  1. Open EndNote. Select File > Open. Click Open Library…
  2. The Select a Reference Library dialog box will appear. Locate your Compressed library and click the Open button.

How do I separate references in Word?

Separate each chapter by going to Insert –> Section Break. Go to Tools –> EndNote –> Configure Bibliography making sure the style is set to the one you just modified, such as APA 6th Bibliography. The Word document will automatically update the references and display them after each chapter.

Can you merge two EndNote libraries?

If you need to combine EndNote libraries, either because someone sent you a library or you have switched computers, you can do so through merging. To do this, the file must be an . enlx file. Before merging two libraries, you need to double click the .

How do you in-text cite two pages?

On the other hand, if you are directly quoting or borrowing from another work, you should include the page number at the end of the parenthetical citation. Use the abbreviation “p.” (for one page) or “pp.” (for multiple pages) before listing the page number(s).