How do I stop Sims 3 Error Code 12?

How do I stop Sims 3 Error Code 12?

Fix: Error Code 12 on Sims 3

  1. Solution 1: Increase the Pagefile on Your PC.
  2. Solution 2: Try Clearing the Inventory of Each Individual Sim.
  3. Solution 3: Fixing the Game’s Confusion.
  4. Solution 4: Reduce the Graphic Settings.
  5. Solution 5: Make Sure Your Drivers are Up to Date.

What does error code 12 mean Sims 3?

Error code 12 is a Sims 3 issue that arises when users try to save games. This error appears due to insufficient RAM available to save games. Consequently, Sims 3 displays this error message, An unexpected error has occurred while saving: Error Code 12. So, players can’t save their games when error code 12 arises.

How do you fix Sims 3 not saving?

Remove your Saves folder (put it on the desktop). Start a new game (a new Saves folder will be created) and see if that saves. If it does, one of your Saved games is corrupt. Put your other games back in one at a time and test each one to see if they will save now.

How do you fix a corrupted file on Sims 3?

Re: Save files corrupted Sims 3 You can try the reverse though—clean game folder, start a save in the same world, delete the new . nhd file, drop your old one in—to see if it helps. If it does, save the game and make a backup.

How do I give Sims 3 more RAM?

What TO DO if you have memory crashes:

  1. Play smaller worlds.
  2. Play less sims in the game.
  3. Save frequently so the game doesn’t have to save as much when you do save.
  4. Clean or reduce your CC.
  5. Use less clutter in your houses or do not play with like 10 sims in one household.

How do I fix error code 12?

Here are the solutions for the Error code 12:

  1. Via Built-In Troubleshooter.
  2. Deactivate the Device.
  3. Restore to the Previous State.
  4. Change BIOS Settings for GPUs.
  5. Update the Device Driver.
  6. Fix Registry Entries.
  7. Update Your BIOS.
  8. Undo Recent Changes.

Why does Sims 3 take so long to save?

Re: My Sims 3 game takes too long to save Do you have a lot of CC/Mods in your game? If so, try uninstalling some and see if that makes a difference. Check how big your save files are too – Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Saves then the name of the world you’re playing.

How do I save my Sims 3 game?

56 second clip suggested1:41The Sims 3 Tutorial 6 – Save As – YouTubeYouTube

How do you stop a corrupted file from saving?

11 Tips to Prevent File Corruption

  1. #1: Back up your company file and perform complete verifications.
  2. #2: Always log off from the company file.
  3. #3: Make unused list items inactive.
  4. #4: Regularly re-sort your lists.
  5. #5: If your performance slows, consider reducing your file size.
  6. #6: Use the Condense Feature.

How do I restore a backup on Sims 3?

Restoring your game data. If things go completely wrong, uninstall the game and reinstall from the game disk. Then copy the backup you made and paste it back in the Documents/Electronic Arts folder where you originally got it from, so it replaces the new Sims 3 folder.

How to fix the Sims 3?

Adult supervision

  • A fast and normal working computer
  • Sims 3
  • A strong Internet connection
  • How do I restart the Sims 3?

    I believe all opportunities starting with 10 are from WA only,7 appears to be base game.

  • Leave 7’s alone or you’ll lose things like the completed cooking/planting opportunities.
  • (Conversely,if you figured out the right code,you could GIVE sims those abilities)
  • What is the security code for Sims 3?

    You will loose the file you have saved before.

  • By creating your sim mode or changing your family,your game can take too long to load or fail during loading.
  • Your game can stop or redirect you to your desktop suddenly.
  • Your machine will unexpectedly stop running and then restart your device.
  • Your game wall email id or password can be desync.
  • How to install the Sims 3 with serial code missing?

    In this video, I’m going to be showing how to get the sims 3 with the serial code missing.(Recorded with