How do I teach weather to ESL?

How do I teach weather to ESL?

Lesson Procedure:

  1. Teach the weather vocab. Before class prepare weather flashcard pictures for the vocab sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy, snowy, foggy, hot, cold.
  2. Talk about the weather outside.
  3. Sing “The Weather Song”
  4. Read classroom reader “What Weather do you Like? “
  5. Do “Weather Match and Draw!”

How does weather affect human activities?

Weather has a profound effect on human health and well-being. It has been demonstrated that weather is associated with changes in birth rates, and sperm counts, with outbreaks of pneumonia, influenza and bronchitis, and is related to other morbi dity effects linked to pollen concentrations and high pollution levels.

What is the ESL weather game?

ESL Weather Game – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity – Elementary (A1-A2) – 30 minutes In this weather activities game, students write and talk about what they do when it’s sunny, rainy, windy and snowy and score points for matching answers.

What do you learn in this free weather activity?

In this free weather activity, students learn weather vocabulary and practice asking and answering questions about the weather. First, students look at pictures and complete sentences with weather words from a box on the worksheet.

How does this weather game present vocabulary?

This weather game presents vocabulary in a very natural way. Students will see sentences like “It’s hot out.” or “It’s cold outside.” instead of simply “It’s hot.” or “It’s cold.” However, when the students have to write their own answers, the games will take just the plain and simple answers, like “It’s windy.”

How can I teach about the weather to ESL students?

There are lots of engaging, student-centred and fun activities that can be used for teaching students about general categories of things. For example, animals, jobs, hobbies, and of course, the weather. Here are some of the top picks: ESL Category Activities. There are a ton of excellent videos online for teaching about the weather.