How do I use Sun Touch Plus?

How do I use Sun Touch Plus?

For the best results, place your SunTouch Plus near you at eye level so its light bathes your face. Many people use SunTouch Plus on a counter or table. You can use the SunTouchPlus as you read, eat, work at the computer, watch TV, or put on make up. Use in a well-lit room to avoid eyestrain.

How bright are happy lights?

HappyLight Compact light therapy lamp mimics sunlight using full spectrum light at the equivalent of up to 10,000 lux with longer sessions to enhance mood, energy, sleep, and focus – but without the harmful UV rays.

Does HappyLight give you vitamin D?

Happy lights don’t provide vitamin D as natural sunlight does because it has a very narrow grouping of UVB lights. If you suspect you have a vitamin D deficiency due to limited sun exposure, Dr. Fernandez advises talking to your doctor about possibly taking a supplement.

How does Sun Touch plus work?

Based on the latest innovation in light therapy research, the Sun Touch Plus is designed to boost your mood and energy throughout the year by mimicking the effects of a sunny sky. Meanwhile, the negative ionizer releases the same rejuvenating particles that form around rainforests and waterfalls.

What is the nature bright sun Touch plus?

The Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus is a 2-in-1 Light Therapy Lamp that harnesses the power of a blue sky to help elevate your mood and general wellness. Powered by SkyEffect technology, the Sun Touch Plus pairs 10,000 lux light and a negative ion therapy system to help boost your energy and mood by simulating natural sunlight and fresh air.

What is Suntouch plus blue light?

Feel the radiance of a cloudless blue sky indoors with Nature Bright’s SunTouch Plus! By harnessing the healing powers of the blue sky, this prescription strength light delivers an optimal amount of blue light rated at 8000 Kelvin, and 10,000 Lux. Our clinically-proven Sky Effect Technology is cool, safe, and comfortable.

Can Suntouch plus light and ion therapy lamps Balance Your Body Clock?

This NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp is truly something that helps to balance your body clock in winter, leave your feelings energized, rejuvenated, and simply nice to have at home, especially in winter!