How do you apply Poligrip cushion comfort?

How do you apply Poligrip cushion comfort?


  1. Clean and dry the denture.
  2. Apply the product as shown in the diagram, not too close to denture edges: Upper denture: Apply in a long continuous strip.
  3. Rinse mouth before inserting dentures.
  4. Press dentures into place, hold firmly, and bite down for a few seconds to secure hold.

Why was Cushion Grip discontinued?

Merck has discontinued for ‘business’ reasons. Had they placed the product in stores where dental adhesives are sold, they would have sold a ton of the product. Someone’s poor business decision is going to cost a lot of us a lot of misery!!

Can you soak dentures with Cushion Grip?

Just as easy as it is to apply Cushion Grip, the process of removing the denture adhesive is easy and quick. Always remember to clean your dentures daily by brushing and soaking in water. One benefit of Cushion Grip is that the grip stays for up to 4 days even after your daily denture cleaning routine.

Does Cushion Grip Harden?

It hardens as it cools creating a stronger hold when compared to ordinary cream/paste dental adhesives. Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive holds up to 4 days versus other dental adhesives that last 8-12 hours.

How long does a tube of Cushion Grip last?

8-12 weeks
The one oz tube of Cushion Grip should last at least 8-12 weeks with correct use. If you experience an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately. Please see your dentist if your dentures do not fit properly. Cushion Grip is not appropriate for ill-fitting dentures.

Can I use Fixodent with Cushion Grip?

Answer: You can but you may need a bit of denture adhesive as well. I use just a tad of poly grip to go with my cushion grip it holds for me quite well while I am eating.

Can you use Poligrip with cushion grip?

How can I make my dentures more comfortable?

Tips For Making Your Dentures Comfortable and Long-Lived

  1. Have realistic expectations.
  2. Choose your denture adhesive.
  3. Be careful when handling your dentures.
  4. Give your mouth a break.
  5. Clean your dentures daily.
  6. Watch for changes in fit.
  7. Avoid difficult-to-eat foods.
  8. Never use too-hot water on dentures.

Is Cushion Grip back?

Yes! Cushion Grip is back by popular demand! USpharma has relaunched the exact same original thermoplastic formula that Cushion Grip users loved and depended on to secure their dentures since 1950.

Does Cushion Grip Stick to your gums?

Cushion Grip is not a glue adhesive; it works similarly to a soft reline by filling in the gaps and spaces between your gums and dentures securing your fit. It adheres to your dentures, not to your gums; it only secures the fit with your gums.