How do you arrange pumpkins and mums on your porch?

How do you arrange pumpkins and mums on your porch?

For a fun fall display, drop potted mums into carved pumpkins and arrange in a row or in groups on ledges and steps to welcome guests to your next autumn get-together. You could even combine your pumpkin-potted mums with Halloween decor by placing them in painted pumpkins.

How do I make succulent pumpkins?

How to Make a Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement

  1. Gather Your Supplies. For this craft you will need: a flat topped pumpkin/ a hot glue gun/ moss/ garden clippers/ and assorted succulents.
  2. Wipe It Down.
  3. Dry it Off.
  4. Add Hot Glue.
  5. Add Moss.
  6. Succulent Cuttings.
  7. Remove Lower Leaves.
  8. Add Glue.

How long will a succulent pumpkin last?

How Long Do Succulent Pumpkins Last? If you start with a healthy pumpkin the entire arrangement should last a minimum of 2-3 months. But I have had succulent topped pumpkins last over 6 months!

How do you display a pumpkin?

Arrange gourds of a different color beside your display to play off the bright orange color of the pumpkins. Top it all off with brightly colored fall leaves. For a simple option that requires no carving, paint numbers on the face of each pumpkin before stacking them.

How do you stack pumpkins?

Without using any glue, start stacking your pumpkins on top of each other and begin to fit them together. You may need to turn each pumpkin around to see where it sits level on top of the pumpkin under it. With each pumpkin, step back and make sure that your topiary is standing straight.

Can you hot glue succulents?

It doesn’t take much to hold a succulent in place. Whether you’re working on a wreath or driftwood planter, this is something you’ll want to have on hand. You can also use hot glue which is very inexpensive and works pretty well.

Can I plant flowers in a pumpkin?

To turn a plain old pumpkin into a flower pot, use a sharp knife to slice off the top. Make the opening large enough to allow for digging and planting. Remove the plants from their nursery containers and set them on top of the soil, then fill in around the plants with more potting soil.