How do you cite a compilation book in APA?

How do you cite a compilation book in APA?

To cite multiple volumes in an anthology, include the range of years over which the volumes were published (unless all were published in the same year) and the volume numbers in parentheses after the title.

How do you cite a compilation book?

A Works Cited citation for a compilation starts with the compilation editor’s last name, a comma, and then the first name, followed by a comma and “ed.” (or “eds.” if there are multiple editors — note that the second editor’s name is entered with the first name followed by the last name). Place a period after this.

Can we cite your own paper?

Answer: Self-citations are disapproved of in academia as many authors use self-citations to inflate their citation records. However, since a review article generally covers all important and relevant published studies on a topic, citing your own papers should not be a problem, provided they include relevant content.

How do you cite your own article?

The Purdue OWL gives the following general format for citing an unpublished manuscript/document: Author. Title of Manuscript/Document . Date of composition (at least year), along with “the name and location of the library, research institution, or personal collection housing the material.”