How do you demonstrate something?

How do you demonstrate something?

1[transitive] to show something clearly by giving proof or evidence demonstrate that… 2[transitive] demonstrate something to show by your actions that you have a particular quality, feeling or opinion synonym display You need to demonstrate more self-control.

What is mean demonstrate?

to describe, explain, or illustrate by examples, specimens, experiments, or the like: to demonstrate the force of gravity by dropping an object. to manifest or exhibit; show: He demonstrated his courage by his actions in battle. to display openly or publicly, as feelings: to demonstrate one’s anger by slamming a door.

What are the synonyms for demonstrate?

Synonyms fordetermine.exhibit.expose.indicate.prove.test.try.validate.

Is Demonstratable a word?

You might think that word should be “demonstratable,” but you’d be wrong — that word doesn’t exist.

What is the root word of demonstrate?

Demonstrate comes from the Latin word demonstrare, meaning “to point out by argument or deduction.” To demonstrate a point you must make a valid argument and give examples of why you think it’s true.

What is a word for point out?

indicate; point out; define; pinpoint; point to; show; point; draw attention to; signal; inform; tell; instil; call attention to; make known; instill; signalise; signalize; call attention; remonstrate; notice; comment; remark. indicate; point out.

What do you call a person who points out mistakes?

1k followers. More information. Narcissists are quick to point out the mistakes or flaws of other people. They, also, try to blame others for what they do.