How do you find a research study?

How do you find a research study?

Find StudiesNew Search. Conduct a search for studies using the form on the home page. Advanced Search. Conduct a focused search of studies by matching one or more words entered in specific fields. See Studies by Topic. Find studies in categories such as condition, drug intervention, sponsor, or location. See Studies on Map.

How do I find a research study participate?

Research Studies: How to Join a Research Study Near YouUse a clinical trial search tool to find a clinical trial in your area or online. Talk about the study with your doctor. Contact the researcher running the trial that sounds like the best match for you. Learn about signing an informed consent form.

How do you create a research study in psychology?

How to Conduct a Psychology ExperimentAsk a question or find a research problem to solve.Determine what you will test to answer this question.Review current knowledge on the subject.Design an experiment.Perform the experiment.Analyze results using statistical methods.Draw your conclusion and share the results with the scientific community.

How do you do research in psychology?

While research studies can vary, these are the basic steps that psychologists and scientists use when investigating human behavior.Make an Observation. Ask a Question. Test Your Hypothesis and Collect Data. Examine the Results and Draw Conclusions. Report the Results.

What is the purpose of research in psychology?

The Purpose of Research Psychologists have three main goals when doing research: To find ways to measure and describe behavior. To understand why, when, and how events occur. To apply this knowledge to solving real-world problems.