How do you get around the Shawnee wine Trail?

How do you get around the Shawnee wine Trail?

Looking for a Ride Around the Wine Trail?

  1. Shawnee Shuttle. 618-201-4841. For groups of two to six adults, Shawnee Shuttle is a locally owned and operated shuttle service that specializes in Wine Trail Tours.
  2. Wrightway Transportation. 618-893-2941.
  3. SI Tours. 618-985-6953.
  4. Winery Tours of Southern Illinois. 618-564-2524.

Does Illinois have wineries?

Taste the regional characteristics in our locally produced wines. Browse our guide to the closest and best Illinois wineries and vineyards for your next celebration or trip. People taste wine on the terrace of the Blue Sky Winery in Makanda, Illinois.

How many wineries are in Illinois?

Illinois is home to 165 wineries and tasting rooms.

Can you walk the Shawnee Wine Trail?

This trail is home to 11 award-winning wineries, making it the ideal place to hike and taste wine. During your hiking adventure, you can stop in at any of the wineries and taste for yourself why the wines have earned awards. Some of the wineries even offer onsite restaurants.

How many wineries are on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail?

eleven wineries
Composed of eleven wineries dotting a well-marked 40-mile trail, each winery offers their own individual style and winemaking techniques that make your journey a pleasant adventure through the hills of southern Illinois.

What winery means?

A winery is a building or property that produces wine, or a business involved in the production of wine, such as a wine company. Besides wine making equipment, larger wineries may also feature warehouses, bottling lines, laboratories, and large expanses of tanks known as tank farms.

What wine grapes grow in Illinois?

In 2004, twelve grape varieties accounted for 89% of grape area harvested in Illinois. The favorite varieties, in descending order by area devoted to production, were Chardonel, Chambourcin, Vignoles, Traminette, Concord, Foch, Seyval, Norton, Vidal blanc, Frontenac, Niagara, and Cayuga White.

Is Napa or Sonoma better?

Choose either Napa or Sonoma the same way you choose your wines: If you buy pricier wines, then go to Napa. If you mainly drink Cabernet Sauvignon, buttery Chardonnay, and Merlot, then go to Napa. If you buy more reasonably priced wines, then go to Sonoma.

What is Napa like in January?

JANUARY WEATHER IN NAPA In January, things tend to slow down in the Wine Country and it is an excellent time to visit the Napa Valley. The traffic is usually light, the crowds have largely disappeared, and while you can expect some rain, the weather is often dry and sunny for extended periods.

How do I plan a winery trip?

How to Organize a Perfect Wine tour… in 9 simple steps

  1. Step 1 – Choose the Wine Areas you want to visit.
  2. Step 2 – Consider the Time of Year.
  3. Step 3 – Book in advance.
  4. Step 4 – Plan which wineries you would like to visit.
  5. Step 5 – Visit no more than 2 or 3 wineries a day.
  6. Step 6 – Rent a designated driver.

Where to buy wine in Illinois?

Buy liquor from Illinois at Total Wine & More. Shop the best selection & prices on over 3,000 liquors. Pickup in-store or ship to select states.

Where is the Shawnee Wine Trail?

Blue Sky Winery. Ever feel like taking in the view while sipping wine on a fine,merry evening?

  • Rustle Hill Winery.
  • Alto Vineyards.
  • Hedman Winery.
  • Hickory Ridge Vineyard.
  • Honker Hill Winery.
  • Kite Hill Vineyards.
  • Orlandini Vineyard.
  • Owl Creek Winery.
  • Pomona Winery.
  • Is there wine in Illinois?

    The Illinois wine region is the fastest growing wine region in the States, stretching out over almost 60 000 square miles. The wineries of Illinois are excelling at Franco-American hybrids and producing some of the country’s most renowned and prestigious wines.

    Can do wine tours?

    That wonderful partnership between Joe Root and Dawid Malan showed what can be done. Malan hit a century on the last Ashes tour and he a bit of a Christmas do. It’s invitation only and we’ve been promised mince pies and mulled wine.