How do you give your wife affirmation words?

How do you give your wife affirmation words?

Words of Affirmation for Your Wife

  1. You are gorgeous inside and out.
  2. I’ve learned so much from you.
  3. You make me a better man.
  4. I love spending time with you.
  5. I have so much fun being with you!
  6. That meal was so great!
  7. Thank you for everything you do around the house.
  8. I’m so excited to spend time with you after this week.

How do I speak to my wife’s love language?

Learn to Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

  1. Quality time: The first love language is quality time.
  2. Words of affirmation: The second love language is words of affirmation.
  3. Gifts: Receiving gifts is the third love language.
  4. Acts of service: The fourth love language is acts of service.

How do I ask my partner for more words of affirmation?

Examples of words of affirmation.

  1. I love you.
  2. You are so special to me.
  3. After all of this time, I’m still so crazy for you.
  4. It really impressed me when you…
  5. I couldn’t have done ____ without you.
  6. You inspire me to….
  7. Did I tell you how grateful I am that you are my partner?
  8. You deserve all of the praise at work.

What is the most common of the 5 love languages?

Well, the most common love language by far is quality time for both men and women. In fact, it’s chosen so frequently that it’s more than twice as common as the second closest response, words of affirmation. When it comes to second place, it was a tie between physical touch and words of affirmation for most men.

What is your love language examples?

Examples include focused conversation, a romantic dinner, taking a long walk, playing a game or doing a puzzle together. Receiving gifts. Some people feel most loved when they receive gifts, such as flowers, a favorite treat, sports tickets or any other meaningful item. Acts of service.