How do you lower the wheels on a Maytag refrigerator?

How do you lower the wheels on a Maytag refrigerator?

Turn the leveler or brake feet to lower or raise that side of the refrigerator. It may take several turns for the leg to reach the floor and to lift the roller off the floor. To raise, turn the leveler to the right. To lower, turn the leveler to the left.

How do you move a Maytag refrigerator?

When moving the refrigerator for cleaning or service, be sure to cover the floor with cardboard or hardboard to avoid floor damage. Always pull the refrigerator straight out when moving it. Do not wiggle or “walk” the refrigerator when trying to move it, as floor damage could occur.

How do I raise my Maytag refrigerator?

If you want to raise your refrigerator To raise your fridge, turn the wrench to the left, or counterclockwise. This will extend the leveling foot and raise the unit higher.

Do all refrigerators have adjustable feet?

Some refrigerators use height-adjustable rollers for leveling. To adjust the height of threaded leveling legs, simply rotate the legs. It varies by model, but in most cases, using a screwdriver to tighten the screw (clockwise) will raise the front of the refrigerator and loosening (counter-clockwise) will lower it.

How do you move a refrigerator strap?

Physically move the fridge with a dolly Slide the dolly under the fridge and wrap ratchet straps around the appliance to secure it to the dolly. Then, brace the dolly with your foot so you can tip the fridge toward you. You will have to repeat this process until you find the correct center of gravity.

Where are the wheels on a fridge?

Sliding Your Fridge Forward Fortunately most refrigerators have wheels on the back for easy maneuvering.

What is a Maytag wide N Fresh refrigerator?

Maytag ® refrigerators won’t stop working to keep temperature levels in line. Cold air is filtered from the freezer to quickly drop refrigerator temperatures. Complete with temperature controls, the Wide-N-Fresh™ deli drawer is the ideal size for large party platters and deli trays.

Why do refrigerators have wheels on the front?

Properly leveling with refrigerator wheels allows the doors to close automatically without slamming shut. If a fridge leans to one side or the front, it can cause the coolant to pool in the pipes, which makes the pump work harder and decreases the efficiency of the refrigerator.

How do I level my Maytag refrigerator?

Consult your owner’s manual for details. If you have a Maytag ® refrigerator, you can search for your manual here. To level your refrigerator, first remove the grille or kick plate. Depending on the refrigerator model, you may need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws that are located on the front of the grille.

How do you adjust the wheels on a refrigerator?

Before you can adjust refrigerator wheels, you’ll have to remove the grille or kickplate at the bottom front to access the wheels. Depending on the model of your fridge, the grille may be held in place by screws or quick-release clips or it may snap off with a firm tug toward you. Check the user manual for the proper steps for removing the grille.