How do you make duct tape jewelry?

How do you make duct tape jewelry?


  1. Cut a strip of Duck Tape®; that is 8 in.
  2. Cut that strip into 3 triangle wedges.
  3. Place a stirring straw on the bigger end of your triangle and roll it onto your Duck Tape® to make a bead.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have as many beads as you want for your necklace.
  5. Cut your beads off of your straw.

What can you make with duct tape?

– Duct-tape Corner Bookmark. – Duct-tape Bleacher Seat. – Geodesic Duct-Tape Dome. – Duct-Tape Hammock. – Duct-Tape Snowshoes. – Picture Frame Made of Duct Tape. – Duct-Tape Belt. – Sled Weatherproofed with Duct Tape.

What are fun things to do with duct tape?

The Wild Side of Your Wallet. Why use duct tape to patch up holes in an old billfold when you can use it to construct an entirely new—and even more

  • Lego of Clutter.
  • Homework Helper.
  • The Key to Staying Organized.
  • Brace Yourself.
  • A Nearly Free Lunch.
  • Rest Up.
  • Case Closed on Clutter.
  • On the Dot.
  • Patriot’s Porch.
  • What are some cool duct tape projects?

    DIY Chic Duct Tape Hammock Tutorial 101ducttapecrafts Yes,using only duct tape,you can actually make a hammock strong enough to hold an adult!

  • Duct Tape Batman Mask instructables Looking for an easy but cool DIY halloween mask?
  • Duct Tape Picture Frame thatdamncatdesigns Yes,you can use duct tape for creative and inexpensive home decor.
  • How do you make a duct tape flower pen?

    Create a “stem” with the pen. Roll the pen lengthwise across a long piece of green tape,with the sticky side up.

  • Make the center of the flower. Tightly roll the triangle piece around the top of pen,with the rounded side of the petal facing the top of the pen.
  • Attach the petals to the flower.
  • Add the leaves under the flower,also known as the sepals.