How do you make VG bigger in AIX?

How do you make VG bigger in AIX?

Creating a Volume Group

  1. Create a Volume Group.
  2. Create a Logical Volume within the VG containing a JFS2 filesystem that will be automatically mounted during boot.
  3. Add a disk to the VG and mirror the data across 2 disks.
  4. Display LP>PP mappig and LVCB.

How do you know if a VG is scalable in AIX?

Note that the VG must be offline first! Now the VG has a MAX LVs value of 512 and MAX PVs value of 1024. This is a very scalable VG. The readvgda command reports a VG type of svg (there’s no factor value or vgtype attribute for a scalable VG).

What is AIX LTG size?

LTG is the maximum transfer size of a logical volume (volume group?). At 5.3 and 6.1 AIX dynamically sets LTG size (calculated at each volume group activation). (Many LVM commands place a lock into the ODM to prevent other commands working on the same time.)

How big is a VG?

The VG type, commonly known as standard or normal, allows a maximum of 32 physical volumes (PVs). A standard or normal VG is no more than 1016 physical partitions (PPs) per PV and has an upper limit of 256 logical volumes (LVs) per VG. Subsequently, a new VG type was introduced which was referred to as big VG.

How do you convert normal VG to Big VG in AIX?

To convert to a scalable VG, here are the basic rules:

  1. No stale partitions within the VG.
  2. There must be a free logical partition (LP) at the end (edge) of each disk in the VG to hold the new volume group descriptor area (VGDA). Note: Go for at least two free LPs as a best practice.
  3. VG must be varied off for the conversion.

How do I know my VG size?

Execute the command vgdisplay to get information of all volume groups on the system. Example output is given below. The line “Free PE / Size” indicates the free physical extents in the VG and free space available in the VG respectively. From the example above there are 40672 available PEs or 158.88 GiB of free space.

What is T factor in AIX?

It is essentially a trade off: if you would like larger disks, you can’t have as many disks. If you want more disks, they can’t have as many PPs on them, The -t factor allows (factor * 1016) PPs per physical volume. Small and Big VG. Factor.

How do you convert small VG to scalable VG in AIX?

In order to change the VG type we need to ensure that there are atleast 1 free PP per PV for large and 2 free PP’s per PV for scalable (Recommended to be 2 free PP’s per PV for either) because during changing the VG type the VGDA on the disk expands which requires an additional PP atleast.

How reduce VG size in Linux?

Reducing the logical volume involves the below steps.

  1. Unmount the file system.
  2. Check the file system for any errors.
  3. Shrink the file system size.
  4. Reduce the logical volume size.
  5. Re-check the file system for errors (Optional).
  6. Mount the file system.
  7. Check the reduced file system size.

What is scalable volume group (scalable VG) in AIX 5L?

AIX 5L Version 5.3 has introduced a new VG type called scalable volume group (scalable VG). A scalable VG allows a maximum of 1024 PVs and 4096 LVs.

How many PVS and LVS can a single AIX 5L VG support?

The scalable VG implementation in AIX 5L Version 5.3 provides configuration flexibility with respect to the number of PVs and LVs that can be accommodated by a given instance of the new VG type. The configuration options allow any scalable VG to contain 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 768, or 1024 disks and 256, 512, 1024, 2048, or 4096 LVs.

What information is available in Aix 7 about volume group vg02?

This information is available in IBM® AIX 7.2 with Technology Level 1, or later. Lists the data encryption option of the volume group. This information is available in AIX 7 with 7200-05, or later. The characteristics and status of both the logical and physical partitions of volume group vg02 are displayed.

What is the maximum number of LVs in a VG?

A Scalable VG allows a maximum of 1024 PVs and 4096 LVs and a very big advantage that the maximum number of PPs applies to the entire VG and is no longer defined on a per disk basis. !!!Converting to Scalable VG is an offline activity (varyoffvg), and there must be free PPs on each physical volume, because VGDA will be expanded on all disks.