How do you take out the trash in Lucius?

How do you take out the trash in Lucius?

What to do? You must go to the kitchen and open the counter doors under the sink to find the trash bag. Take it and go out into the courtyard, beyond the toolshed and lay down the bag before the dumpster. Manually open the top of the container and, using telekinesis, drop the bag inside.

Where is the garbage Lucius?

You can find garbage in the kitchen under the sink. Once you take the garbage go to the garden, and use Telekinesis (press number 2) to put the garbage in the trash can.

How do you use Telecinesis Lucius?

Telekinesis doesn’t just let you pick items up and swing them around with left mouse button. You can also pull them towards yourself, and throw them away. This is done by pressing both the left and the right mouse buttons while holding an item with telekinesis, which you select by pressing 2.

How do you open the safe in Lucius?

Go to your father and he will ask you for the papers on his nightstand, Hand them to him and he will leave to check something in the library. Open the safe with the combination you saw in the locked drawer.

What does the Ouija board do in Lucius?

Utility. At the beginning of every chapter, the Ouija will give you a hint in the form of a riddle pertinent to the particular task you must accomplish in order to prematurely end the life of another human being.

Where are the earrings Lucius?

They are in Jovita’s bedroom in the servant living quarters, on the middle level, western wing (directly south of the western stairs. It has a small drawing with an arrow pointing to it). The earrings are on the table in a black box. Its completion value is 50%.

Where is the camera in Lucius?

The camera can be found in grandpa’s (Fabius) study. It is on the wall above his desk.

Where is the study in Lucius?

Where is grandfather’s study in Lucius?

Where is Jovitas room Lucius?

A trail of clothes will guide you to the room where she and Uncle Tom are having sex. Open the door, equip the camera and left click to take a photo. Get out as fast as you can and go to Jovita’s room, which is the same room where you find your mother’s earrings.

How do you break the piano in Lucius?

Go into the downstairs bathroom, take the wrench lying outside of the toolbox, go back in the dining room and rig the piano. Return to Ivor, take the pen and change his notes. Wait for him to notice the list and follow him. Once he is under the piano, use your telekinesis on it and enjoy the cutscene.

Where is Uncle Tom Lucius?

Go to the secret chamber and pick up the “deadly poison bottle” from the round table at the far right corner of the room. Go to the guest rooms and find your uncle Tom. In the closet you will find his whiskey bottle.