How do you use rowset in PeopleCode?

How do you use rowset in PeopleCode?

Specify a SQL WHERE clause to use for selecting records to fill the rowset. This can be a string or a SQL definition. Specify optional bind variables to be used with the WHERE clause. The number of records read into the rowset.

What is rowset In PeopleCode?

Share Tweet Pin Mail. When any page in a component is opened, the system retrieves all of the data records for the entire component and stores them in one set of record buffers called the component buffer which is organized by scroll level and then by page level.

How do you refresh the grid in PeopleCode?

If you select the rowset through peoplecode that the grid is based on, you can call the refresh method. This only refreshes that rowset and any child rowsets.

How do I add a row in scroll PeopleCode?

When inserting rows using PeopleCode, you can either use the Insert method with a record object or create a SQL Insert statement using the SQL object. If you do a single insert, use the Record Insert method. If you are in a loop and,therefore, calling the insert more than once, use the SQL object.

How do I find the current row number in Peoplesoft?

Use currentrownumber(scrolllevel); This will give you current row number.

What is data buffer in Peoplesoft?

Data buffer contains the data of the currently active peoplesoft application it can be from a component, an application engine or application message. If the level 0 rowset is formed from a component buffer data the level 0 contains only one row of data. The row contains all the child rowsets.

How do you populate grid dynamically in Peoplesoft?

Another way you can achieve this, by creating a function to accept dynamic parameters (to WHERE clause) and then calling that function in appropriate event to populate the grid. Note that here we use rowset Flush method to remove all rows from the rowset and free its associated buffer before selecting to the grid.

How do I access component buffer in PeopleCode?

To access the same field in the component buffer, PeopleCode must:

  1. Specify a scroll area and row on scroll level one: this selects a subset of dependent rows on level two.
  2. Specify a scroll area and row on scroll level two.
  3. Specify the recordname. fieldname on the level two row.

What are the options to access data in the component buffer from within PeopleCode?

Access Classes The four data buffer classes are: Rowset, Row, Record, and Field. These four classes are the foundation for accessing component buffer data through the new object syntax.

How do you populate data in Peoplesoft grid?

Should a rowset allow deletions at runtime in PeopleSoft?

To control whether a rowset allows deletions at runtime, you should not select No Row Delete at design time. For consistency, PeopleSoft recommends that either all rowsets at a level should disable deletions, or they should all allow deletions.

How do you populate a rowset in SQL Server?

Therefore to use these items you need to populate them using built-in methods like .fill () on a rowset, or .selectByKey () on a record. The advantage of using rowsets over SQL is that it makes the CRUD easier. There are built-in methods for selecting, updating, inserting and deleting.

What is parentrowset in VB NET?

This property returns a rowset object containing a reference to the parent rowset, that is, the rowset containing the rowset. If this is a top-level rowset (level zero), the ParentRowset property has a null value. This property is read-only.

How do I find the primary record associated with a rowset?

If the primary record associated with the rowset does not have an effective-sequence number, this property has the value 0. To find the primary record associated with a rowset object, you can use the DBRecordName property. Note: This property isn’t valid with rowsets created using the CreateRowset function.