How do you write a personal response to a short story?

How do you write a personal response to a short story?

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What is the difference between stimulus and impulse?

1 Answer. (a) Stimulus: Any change in the environment that usually results in change in the activity of the body. Impulse: A wave of electrical disturbance that runs through the nerves. Sensory nerve: It contains only sensory neurons.

What do you call your response to an external stimulus?

Animal Responses to External Stimuli Animals must react to changes in their external environment in order to survive. If a reaction is immediate and involuntary, the response is called a reflex reaction. Blinking the eyes in response to sunlight is an example of a reflex reaction.

What is a response in ABA?

Response. a single instance or occurrence of a specific class or type of behavior. Technical definition: “an action of an organism’s effector.

What does it mean to respond to stimulus?

A stimulus causes an action or response, like the ringing of your alarm clock if you didn’t sleep through it. Stimulus is a word often used in biology — something that causes a reaction in an organ or cell, for example. For more than one stimulus, use stimuli, not stimuluses.

How a stimulus becomes a sensation?

This is because the sense organs convert stimulation into the language of the nervous system: neural impulses. To understand how stimuli become sensations, we will consider three attributes common to all the senses: transduction, sensory adaptation, and thresholds.