How far back does Norfolk Southern background check?

How far back does Norfolk Southern background check?

7 year
Actually, Norfolk Southern only checks the exact 7 year period (date of background check and the 7 previous years before). They can not see anything before that, as you will get the opportunity to see your background if you are denied employment.

Is it hard to get a job with Norfolk Southern?

Thousands apply maybe 50 of those thousands get asked to the hiring session and of those 50 maybe 10 actually get selected for an interview. I applied to NS atleast a dozen times, got invited to a hiring session twice, got an interview only once of those 2 hiring sessions, finally got the job after I got interviewed.

How long does Norfolk Southern hiring take?

3 answers. The whole process will at the very least take 2 months all the way up to 6-8 months sometimes. Just depends on a lot of factors.

How much does a train conductor make at Norfolk Southern?

Average Norfolk Southern Corp Conductor yearly pay in the United States is approximately $60,850, which is 8% above the national average.

Can you work for Norfolk Southern with a felony?

Yes, you can. What matters is the conviction not the initial charge. If your felony counts were dismissed and downgraded…

How long is Norfolk Southern conductor training?

This school offers training in 30 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Conductor Certificate, Welding Certification and Locomotive Engineer. Time to complete this education training ranges from 8 hours to 7 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 2 months.

Where is Norfolk Southern conductor training?

McDonough, GA
Conductor FAQ’s. Where will training take place Your first two weeks of employment will begin at our NS Training Center in McDonough, GA. NS will provide you hotel accommodations approximately five miles from the NS training center.

Does Norfolk Southern do hair test?

NS will conduct a background check. Additionally a physical exam and drug test, which includes hair testing, may be required. You will receive notification when all steps are completed successfully and a start date will be established.

What does a conductor do for Norfolk Southern?

Conductors are directly involved in the safe and efficient movement of freight trains. A conductor’s job can include coupling railcars to build trains, delivering railcars to local customers, and transporting trains hundreds of miles. Conductors will operate locomotives when achieving promotion to Locomotive Engineer.