How long are nationwide permits good for?

How long are nationwide permits good for?

five years
General permits can be issued for a period of no more than five years. A nationwide permit is a general permit that authorizes activities across the country, unless a district or division commander revokes the nationwide permit in a state or other geographic region.

What is a PCN Usace?

PURPOSE FOR THE PCN: The PCN is a combined effort by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE- known as the “Corps”) and the NC Division of Water Quality (DWQ) to coordinate regulatory requirements for work in (or affecting) wetlands, streams, riparian buffers, and waters within North Carolina.

What is compensatory mitigation?

Compensatory mitigation refers to the restoration, establishment, enhancement, or in certain circumstances preservation of wetlands, streams or other aquatic resources for the purpose of offsetting unavoidable adverse impacts.

What is an NWP?

A Nationwide Permit (NWP) is a type of general permit that is issued every five years by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, for specific activities that have no more than minimal individual and cumulative adverse effects to the aquatic environment.

What NWP 12?

12. Oil or Natural Gas Pipeline Activities. the transportation of any form of oil or natural gas, including products derived from oil or natural gas, such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel. heating oil, petrochemical feedstocks, waxes, lubricating oils, and asphalt.

How many new nationwide permits were issued in January 2021?

In the January 13, 2021 issue of the Federal Register (86 FR 2744), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) announced the reissuance of 12 existing Nationwide Permits (NWPs) and the issuance of 4 new NWPs. In this Federal Register notice, the Corps also announced the reissuance of the 32 existing NWP general conditions.

What is a nationwide permit?

Nationwide permits are general permits issued on a nationwide basis to streamline the authorization of activities that result in no more than minimal individual and cumulative adverse environmental effects.

When do nationwide permits expire in North Carolina (NC)?

The 2012 authorized Nationwide Permits (NWPs) expired on March 18, 2017. For minor projects in federal waters and wetlands in North Carolina (NC), the NWPs can be used for specific activities (see list below) provided the work complies with all associated general conditions and regional general conditions.

When did the 2017 re-authorization of the Nationwide permits expire?

This page contains information about the 2017 five year re-authorization of the Nationwide Permits, effective March 19, 2017. The 2012 authorized Nationwide Permits (NWPs) expired on March 18, 2017.