How long does a HANS device last?

How long does a HANS device last?

5 years
HANS Devices need almost no maintenance but should be kept clean and dry. Tethers are dated. Replace every 5 years, after major impacts or sooner if wear is observed.

What does the HANS device do?

in engineering studying the mechanical properties of skull bones, invented the “head and neck support” now known and marketed as the HANS device. When g-loads build during a forward impact, the HANS device assures that the driver’s helmeted head moves with his torso so vulnerable neck and skull bones aren’t overloaded.

How much does a HANS device cost?

HANS Device Head and Neck Restraints (All)

Part No. Description Price
9598-003-Size Model 20 HANS III, Sliding Tethers, Quick Connect, SFI $469.00
9598-005 HANS III Youth Device, Sliding Tethers, Post Anchors, SFI 5.0 $399.00
9598-007 HANS III Youth Device, Sliding Tethers, QC Anchors, SFI $399.00

What is a HANS safety device?

A HANS device (head and neck support device) is a type of head restraint, a safety device in motorsports. Head restraints are mandatory when competing with most major motorsports sanctioning bodies. There are many such devices on the market today, but the HANS is the original and the most common.

How many types of HANS are there?

Some are available with two options; others come with three options. Depending on which model of HANS Device you select, here are your options: 0-10 degree angle: commonly used in Sprint Cars. 20-degree angle: commonly used Modified, FIA, Stock Cars, or Sprints.

How do I choose a HANS device?

It’s easy to choose the right HANS Device for you. First choose the angle that matches your car, then choose the size (small, medium or large) most comfortable for your body. In all cases driver comfort is the deciding factor. Fits many Sprint cars.

Who owns HANS device?

The answer was the Head And Neck Support (HANS) device. utions, the Trevor Ashline-led company that also manufactures head and neck restraints, meaning Simpson now owns the two FIA-approved devices.

Can you wear a HANS device on a motorcycle?

While most riders accept the value of helmets, boots and leather jackets to make riding safer, and while HANS devices are an accepted and required component of auto racing safety, there’s a whole category of neck protectors for motorcycle riders that could spell the difference between a simple fall off your bike and …

What degree is HANS device?

To find the correct angle for your application, sit in your car and measure the angle of your chest from vertical. If the angle is 25 degrees or more, the Model 30 HANS Device is probably best for you….For lay-down formula cars and sports racers.

Neck Size* 14″ to 17″ 16″ to 20″
HANS Size Medium Large

Does Simpson own HANS?

Simpson Performance Products on Thursday announced that it has acquired HANS Performance Products, manufacturer of the widely used head and neck restraint system (HANS) credited for saving the lives of countless drivers during the past decade.

How many lives has HANS device saved?

And HANS estimates that of those 126 deaths, as many as 27 percent — or 34 driver deaths — could have been prevented by the using the certified HANS device. And no driver in an Indy car or in any of NASCAR’s major series has been killed by a basilar skull fracture since it required the use of the HANS device.

Do NASCAR drivers wear HANS devices?

Ford has offered to pay for a HANS device for any driver who wants to wear one. In October 2001, NASCAR officials mandated the use of an approved head-and-neck-restraint system for all drivers racing in the Winston Cup Series, Nascar Busch Series or Nascar Craftsman Truck Series.