How long of a trailer do you need for a 24 pontoon?

How long of a trailer do you need for a 24 pontoon?

Trailers for every size pontoon should be 3′ to 4′ longer than the pontoon boat. A trailer for a 20′ boat should be 23′-24′. A trailer for a 24′ should be 27′-28′ length overall.

Do pontoons come with trailer?

Pontoon boat trailers are generally not built and sold by pontoon boat manufacturers. This is important because you should not expect a trailer to come with the boat when it’s built.

How much does a sailboat trailer cost?

The cost of a boat trailer can range from $500 to over $10,000. The price depends on the materials, size, carrying weight, and design. We are going to give some examples of different types of common boat trailers. A single-axle boat trailer can cost anywhere from $700 to over $4,000.

Are pontoons hard to trailer?

Loading and towing your pontoon boat on the correct trailer can be very easy even if it’s your first boat and first attempt at towing. Other than there large appearance when on a trailer they are actually easier to load and tow than most other types of boat.

Are all pontoon trailers the same?

Pontoon boat trailers are not universal. There are single axle, tandem axle and triple axle trailers each suitable to different sized pontoon boats. If it very important you get the correct sized trailer, with the correct axle count, for a pontoon boat as it will avoid damage occurring to the boat during travel.

Which pontoon trailer is best?

The 10 Best Pontoon Boat Trailers Available Today

  1. WFB Float-On Trailer.
  2. Wolverine Trailers All Pro 24 Bunk Style Pontoon Boat Tailer.
  3. Venture Pontoon Trailer Tandem Axle VPT 24-40.
  4. Venture Galvanized Single Axle Pontoon Trailer.
  5. Triton Scissors-Style Pontoon Trailer.
  6. Mid-America Bunk Style Pontoon Boat Trailer.

What type of trailer do you need for a pontoon boat?

For boats between 20 foot and 28 foot a tandem axle trailer will do the job nicely. Once you go above a 28 foot pontoon boat you will need the extra support offered by a third axle and if you own a big pontoon boat you must use a triple axle trailer.

How much is a new pontoon boat?

Brand new pontoon boats cost between $18,000 and $60,000, depending on size, engine, features, and build quality. The most popular pontoon boats on the water cost about $35,000 new for a 22′ boat with a 90 or 115hp engine.

Can a V6 truck pull a pontoon boat?

If you want to save a few dollars, you could go with the base engine, a 3.3-liter naturally aspirated V6, as it can tow up to 7,700 pounds on the high end, and still can handle 5,000 pounds in its lowest form.