How long would it take to get to Alpha Centauri at warp speed?

How long would it take to get to Alpha Centauri at warp speed?

People are using that number as a benchmark of what they think is attainable, whether it’s with a solar sail or nuclear pulse propulsion. If we could achieve that speed, then we could get to Alpha Centauri in just over 40 years.

How does warp work in Star Trek?

Warp drive in Star Trek works by annihilating matter (in the form of deuterium, a kind of hydrogen gas) and antimatter in a fusion reaction mediated by dilithium crystals. This produces the enormous power required to warp space-time and drive the ship faster than light.

How does the warp drive work on ‘Star Trek’?

Warp Factor 1 – 1x lightspeed

  • Warp Factor 2 – 10x lightspeed
  • Warp Factor 3 – 39x lightspeed
  • Warp Factor 4 – 102x lightspeed
  • Warp Factor 5 – 214x lightspeed
  • Warp Factor 6 – 392x lightspeed
  • Warp Factor 7 – 656x lightspeed
  • Warp Factor 8 – 1,024x lightspeed
  • Warp Factor 9 – 1,516x lightspeed
  • Warp Factor 9.99 – 7,912x lightspeed
  • How fast is warp speed on Star Trek?

    Only in a single episode of Star Trek Voyager there was a specific numerical speed value given for a warp factor. In the episode The 37’s Tom Paris statet, that Warp 9.9 is equal to 4 billion miles per second.

    Is warp drive the best way to travel space?

    – A new paper proposes a fully physically realized model for warp drive. – This builds on an existing model that requires negative energy—an impossibility. – The new model is exciting, but warp speed is still probably decades or centuries away.

    How realistic is warp drive?

    A team of physicists has reported the accidental discovery of a real-world “warp bubble” whilst observing the structure of Casimir cavities – a small step towards building a potential warp drive. The Debrief reports that Dr. Harold G. “Sonny” White and