How many copies has Just Dance sold?

How many copies has Just Dance sold?

4.3 million copies
Just Dance was a major commercial success, selling over 4.3 million copies worldwide and establishing a franchise that, as of October 2013, had collectively sold over 40 million units, making it Ubisoft’s second-largest franchise….Just Dance (video game)

Just Dance
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Which Just Dance sold the most?

Out of every console available, Just Dance 2020 sold the most on the Switch. Nintendo Switch copies made up for 55% of all copies sold. Ubisoft has previously commented on their reasoning behind releasing the dancing game on the Wii.

How many copies of Just Dance 2020 have been sold?

2 million copies
Ubisoft’s Just Dance has sold over 2 million copies worldwide since its release, the publisher has revealed. The milestone means the game is now the Wii’s fastest selling new IP from a third-party publisher to date.

How popular is Just Dance 2020?

Just Dance 2020 debuted at #15 in the UK, with the Nintendo Switch version accounting for 55% of sales, followed by the Nintendo Wii at 21%, PlayStation 4 at 14%, and the Xbox One at 10%. The Nintendo Switch version of the game debuted at #3 in Taiwan, while the PlayStation 4 version debuted at #4 in South Korea.

What’s new in Just Dance 2015?

Just Dance 2015 also introduces Challenger mode where players will be able to compete against their past performances or challenge friends anywhere to beat their score, even if they can’t play at the same time. Plus, this year we’re bringing even more excitement to World Dance Floor, the online multiplayer mode.

Does Just Dance 2015 have a problem with children?

The same issue that was present in Just Dance 2014 is still present in Just Dance 2015. The game is almost completely unable to pick up children using the PS4 camera. No other games or the main OS have this problem at all. It is just the Just Dance games. It is pretty much unplayable with children using the PS4 camera.

What is the Just Dance Controller app?

“The Just Dance® Controller App scores your dance moves and allows you to easily navigate in game via your smartphone. No other camera or additional accessory is required, just keep your smartphone in your right hand while dancing so the app can track your awesome moves!

Is Just Dance a trademark of Ubisoft?

All Rights Reserved. Just Dance, Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.