How many levels are in Angry Birds dream?

How many levels are in Angry Birds dream?

In total there are 7750+ different levels and some challenges. There are blockers such as wood, glass and stone, that must be destroyed to provide more accuracy on popping the bubbles, some can’t be destroyed, such as gold but they can be avoided.

How do you play Dream blast on Angry Birds?

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a colorful new puzzle game for mobile devices where players need to help the baby birds with their nap time by blasting through levels. The mechanics are simple. Just tap on groups of similarly colored dream bubbles and watch them pop.

What is Dream peak in angry birds?

The Dream Peak is a competitive league that is available after all regular levels have been completed.

How do you break an egg in Dream blast?

Use Chuck’s Power to Break Through Obstacles Break obstacles to reach the bottom as fast as possible. You should first make the eggs fall from one level to the other in very few moves. In egg levels, Chuck’s power-up can be of immense help as it can break obstacles.

How do you get coins in Angry Birds Dream blast?

Gold coins are the currency used in Angry Birds Dream Blast to purchase extra moves, extra lives, and power-ups. Gold coins can be purchased from the coin store by tapping on your coin balance at the top of the screen.

How many levels are there in Angry Birds blast?

Use your balloon-blasting skills to outsmart the pigs in over 250 fun levels! Find the smartest way to solve puzzles, crack high scores, and earn three stars in every level. Use boosters to blast tons of balloons, glass, wood and more!

What does the shooting star do in Dream blast?

The Shooting Star power-up can be purchased with gold coins, or can be earned from reward chests. Use this power-up to blast a circular area of bubbles.

How many levels are in Angry Birds blast?

What are the blue stars in AB blast?

They are XP that level you up. They are not accessible in your inventory or anything, but if you look at your profile and see what level you are, your blue bar (same color as the stars) will show how close you are to the next level.

What is silver in Angry Birds blast?

Silver coins are the other currency in the game, and can be used to buy boosters that give you a head start in levels. You can buy these boosters before the start of any level.