How many states eventually favor ratifying the Constitution?

How many states eventually favor ratifying the Constitution?

Nine states needed to vote for the Constitution for it to be accepted. Each state was given six months to meet and vote on the proposed Constitution.

What did George Mason propose to include in the Constitution?

In 1787, toward the end of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Mason proposed that a bill of rights preface the Constitution, but his proposal was defeated. When he refused to sign the new Constitution, his decision baffled some and alienated others, including his old friend, George Washington.

What is the difference between the Georgia Constitution and the US Constitution?

Both the U.S and Georgia constitution do. Which constitution has a supreme court of state and which has a supreme court? Georgia has a supreme court of state and the U.S has a supreme court. The U.S constitution has an elastic clause, the Georgia constitution does not.

Which states did not ratify the Constitution?

The Constitution was not ratified by all states until May 29, 1790, when Rhode Island finally approved the document, and the Bill of Rights was not ratified to become part of the Constitution until the end of the following year.

What was one weakness of the Georgia Constitution of 1777?

Main weakness: legislative branch had too much power Strength: freedom of religion and press and trial by jury with all of these weaknesses the Georgia Constitution of 1777 was the state’s constitution for 12 years Georgia’s second constitution, the Constitution of 1789, was changed to model the U.S. Constitution.

What was the main reason that the authors of Georgia’s constitution of 1777 created a weak executive branch of government?

Q. What was the main reason that the authors of Georgia’s Constitution of 1777 created a weak executive branch of government? They believed that the judicial branch should be the most powerful. They were following the British tradition of a strong legislature.

Which branch of the government has the most challenging job?

The Executive Branch

  • The World’s Hardest Job.
  • The President’s Typical Day in Washington, DC.

What is the largest part of the Georgia Constitution?

Bill of rights in

What were the two most crucial state conventions in the ratification of the Constitution?

What were the two most crucial state conventions in the ratification of the Constitution? What factors led to the final approval of the Constitution in these states? New York and Virginia. The lack of the bill of rights and the curved state power.

Why did states not want to ratify the Constitution?

The Anti-Federalists opposed the ratification of the 1787 U.S. Constitution because they feared that the new national government would be too powerful and thus threaten individual liberties, given the absence of a bill of rights.

What role did George Mason play in the Constitutional Convention?

Contribution: Although he was one of only three delegates not to sign the Constitution, George Mason had a very unique role in its creation. He came to the convention deeply concerned with the amount of power being given to the federal government, and the convention’s unwillingness to end the slave trade.

Who opposed the Constitution?


How many constitutions has Georgia had since 1777?

A review of the history of Georgia’s ten constitutions provides a synopsis of the political, economic, and social history of the state. Georgia’s constitutional history also illustrates the various methods by which a constitution may be written or revised.

Why was it important that all 13 states ratify the constitution?

Why was it important that all 13 states ratify the Constitution? it wouldn’t of been able to be passed. Do you think that the Federalist Papers played an essential role in the ratification of the Constitution? yes, they were because many people were able to read about it.

What 3 methods have been used to rewrite the Georgia Constitution?

Over time, Georgia has used three different methods of constitutional revision: seven were revised by constitutional conventions, two by constitutional commissions and one by the office of legislative counsel of the Georgia General Assembly.

Why did leaders call for a constitutional convention?

Stimulated by severe economic troubles, which produced radical political movements such as Shays’s Rebellion, and urged on by a demand for a stronger central government, the convention met in the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia (May 25–September 17, 1787), ostensibly to amend the Articles of Confederation.

What are amendments used to do in the Constitution?

An amendment is a change to the Constitution. The first ten amendments to the Constitution became known as the Bill of Rights. These first amendments were designed to protect individual rights and liberties, like the right to free speech and the right to trial by jury.

What state did George Mason represent in the Constitutional Convention?


What were the major issues at the Constitutional Convention?

The major debates were over representation in Congress, the powers of the president, how to elect the president (Electoral College), slave trade, and a bill of rights.

Did most of the states approve of the constitution Why?

Did most of the states approve of the Constitution? Yes, the states, and most of them, did approve the Constitution b/c they saw it as a document that best secured the beliefs of the early colonists. Explain some of the opposition to ratification of the Constitution.

Who from Georgia signed the Constitution?

Abraham Baldwin

Why did Georgia ratify the Constitution?

Why did Georgia ratify the new Constitution? Georgia ratified the new and revised constitution for many reasons.It was mainly because as more and more people began to move into Georgia, they began to push westward into the land occupied by Indians, yet the Indians were determined to hold onto their lands.