How much are box seats at Kinnick?

How much are box seats at Kinnick?

Iowa Football at Kinnick Stadium

Premium Seat Location Season Ticket Per Seat Requirement
Ted Pacha Family Club $415 $2,000
Mediacom Outdoor Club* $415 $2,500
McCord Indoor Club $590 $5,000
Ironmen Box $3,320 (8 season tickets) $15,600

How many does Kinnick hold?

69,250Kinnick Stadium / Capacity

With three expansion projects completed since that time, the seating capacity at Kinnick Stadium reached 70,585. Kinnick Stadium has 20 miles of bleacher seats and is 79 rows high on each side. The seating upgrades that were part of the Kinnick Edge project reduced the current capacity to 69,250.

Do you need a parking pass for Kinnick Stadium?

Gameday attendees can purchase parking here for $25. The walk to Kinnick Stadium is about a mile or less, depending which lot you park at, so it’ll take 20 minutes or so to get to the stadium. Library Lot, or Lot 3, or the Main Library lot, costs $25 for a parking pass.

Where should I sit at Kinnick Stadium?

The visitor side of the field (Sections 101-110) is considered the sunny side of the field and offers no relief from sun, rain or snow. On the Iowa side, rows 60 and higher in sections 123-130 are the best seats to sit in if you want to avoid being in the direct sun.

What time is the Iowa vs Minnesota game?

The Iowa Hawkeyes and the Minnesota Golden Gophers are set to square off in a Big Ten matchup at 4:31 p.m. ET Feb. 6 at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

How much did Kinnick Stadium cost to build?

Kinnick Stadium

Opened October 5, 1929
Renovated 2006, 2017-2019
Expanded 1956, 1983, 1990
Construction cost $497,151.42 (initial construction) ($7.49 million in 2020 dollars)