How much are WWE NXT tickets?

How much are WWE NXT tickets?

NXT Live tickets are usually very affordable for the whole family. Tickets will generally start in the $45 to $55 range. Ringside tickets will generally run in the $125 to $150 range. Front row tickets at ringside will often cost over $200 and sometimes higher than $350 depending on the venue.

How do I get tickets to WWE NXT?

Visit the WWE Events page. Locate the event in question. Click to open details of this event. Click to buy tickets to the event.

Is NXT open to the public?

When WWE’s NXT acquired a new look, a new name and a new location, it allowed fans to attend shows for free. That process continues each Tuesday night, welcoming fans from near and far for an action-packed, fun experience inside the WWE Performance Center, where new talent is born.

Where is WWE NXT located?

Full Sail University
In October 2020, beginning with NXT TakeOver 31, NXT and 205 Live moved to the Performance Center (from Full Sail University and the ThunderDome at Amway Center, respectively), using a reconfigured version of the facility’s main arena branded as the “Capitol Wrestling Center”—an homage to WWE’s precursor, the Capitol …

How often is NXT TakeOver?

NXT TakeOver is the name given to the periodic specials produced by WWE featuring the NXT division, which are streamed live on the WWE Network. NXT TakeOver events are usually scheduled to air for two hours, although some have run for two and a half hours. They are held several times a year.

Where is 205 live filmed?

In August 2020, it briefly moved to Amway Center via WWE’s “ThunderDome” residency, before moving back to the Performance Center to join NXT in its new “Capitol Wrestling Center” studio.

Where does NXT shoot?

WWE’s NXT is now taped at Full Sail University in a handsomely designed and intimate venue that should make the NXT experience richer and more dynamic.