How much does a acre of land cost in Kentucky?

How much does a acre of land cost in Kentucky?

Average real estate value in Kentucky was $3,920/acre an increase of 2.6% from last year. Kentucky cropland value averaged $4,400/acre an increase of 2.3%, and pasture value was $3,060/acre, up 0.7% from 2019.

How much is an acre of land worth 2021 in Kentucky?

How Much Is One Acre Of Land Worth In Kentucky? The value of one acre of land in Kentucky is $7,209. The average value of the same in the United State is $6,500.

Is land cheaper in Indiana or Kentucky?

The land prices in Indiana and Ohio though are not unfairly gauged, though. 2014 cropland value in Indiana is more than double ($6,950/acre) of that in Kentucky ($3,150/acre). So while all three states are known for producing great whitetail hunting, there are other factors that determine the average price per acre.

Where is the best farmland in Kentucky?

bluegrass region
Kentucky’s bluegrass region contains the state’s best farmland. By contrast, the agricultural potential of the Knobs region (which borders the Bluegrass region) is limited because of its inferior soil and steep topography. The Pennyrile is also a productive agricultural region.

What does unrestricted land mean in KY?

It means you can do absolutely whatever the heck you want. So there are no restrictions from the zoning, deed, city or town, easements, home owner or property owner associations, or municipality.

How many acres of land does Kentucky have?

Appendix 1.4 Continued. Total public land is 1,950,541 acres.

What is the biggest cash crop in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, soybeans and corn are the top crops. Nearly 1.47 million acres of farmland were dedicated to soybeans, with farmers selling more than $752 million worth of the crop in 2012. Corn was harvested from 1.53 million acres while sales totaled $694 million.

What is the life expectancy in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, men average 72.6 years and women 77.9 years. States which have longer life expectancy had smaller gaps between men and women while states with lower life expectancy were found to have larger gaps between the two sexes.

Where is Russell County Kentucky?

Russell County lies in the gorgeous mountain, lake and river settings of South Central Kentucky. Conveniently located within approx. 2 to 3 driving hours of several major cities, Nashville, Cincinnati, Louisville, Knoxville, Lexington and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Where is horse country in Kentucky?

Moving inland toward the center of the state, you’ll come into horse country. Kentucky’s Inner Bluegrass Region is packed with farms and ranches producing horses, especially thoroughbreds.

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Where do Kentucky’s Horse sales come from?

Thirty percent of the national foaling total comes right from Kentucky with sales surpassing $4 billion and making horses the state’s second-most profitable agricultural commodity. These rich, fertile hills are filled with limestone, which feeds calcium into the area.