How much does Evofit cost?

How much does Evofit cost?

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What is Evo workout?

EVO is a forward-thinking training space that provides the optimal fitness experience. More than just a gym, EVO is a place that nurtures and develops natural human movement.

Who owns Fitness Evolution?

Fitness Evolution, a premium franchise fitness club, was founded in 2010 by Jeff Mayerson and Chris Maddox, principals of Fitness Evolution who have constructed, owned, developed, managed and operated facilities nationwide.

Is Fit Republic the same as fitness evolution?

The investigation began in 2015. Fitness Evolution never admitted wrongdoing and the district attorney’s office reported that the gym cooperated with the investigation. Fitness Evolution locations in the Central Valley have since been rebranded under the name Fit Republic.

How many fitness evolutions are there?

With 75 locations in seven states, many of your customers will recognize who we are and what Fitness Evolution represents. Finding your own unique name that resonates with your clientele—and hasn’t already been scooped up by someone else—can be a huge, expensive challenge.

What happened fitness evolution?

Fitness Evolution has settled a lawsuit with the Fresno County District Attorney’s office for $1.8 million over alleged unfair business practices. The investigation examined whether the company used the alleged ill-gotten gains to fuel its growth and expansion. …

Who owns fit Republic?

Christopher Montoya owns 10 Fit Republics across California but his north Fresno location is the only one that remains open. Fit Republic’s Herndon and First location remains open despite receiving a warning by the city to close down to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

What is a fitness evaluation?

The fitness evaluation is the first step in beginning a fitness training program. The assessment will provide information about a person’s physical fitness level, as well as identify strong and weak points. It will ensure the patient and kinesiologist work together towards attaining the patient’s goals.