How much does it cost to strip and refinish cabinets?

How much does it cost to strip and refinish cabinets?

Cabinet Refinish Costs Refinishing cabinets costs $2,943 on average with a typical range of $1,793 and $4,107. It’s far cheaper than a new installation or refacing. Expect to pay between $4 to $10 per square foot including labor and materials for stain, lacquer, varnish, paint or shellac.

How can I make my knotty pine cabinets look good?

Fill the Pine Knots Unless you want your painted pine cabinets to look rustic, fill the knot holes to hide them and make them flush with the surrounding surface. Knot holes in pine cabinets should be filled with durable wood filler, not lightweight spackle or caulk.

How do you refurbish pine cabinets?

Pine cabinets lend a rustic look to any kitchen, but the effect is ruined if the finish is dull and dingy, or if someone has painted over the wood. Either way, you can refinish the cabinets by simply stripping off the old varnish or paint, staining the wood, and sealing it in a coat of polyurethane.

How do you update old pine cabinets?

You can modernize cabinets by stripping old paint or varnish, sanding and then staining the wood in a color of your choice. Use caution with dark stains, as the pine will quickly absorb color, sometimes resulting in a darker finish than you envisioned.

Is it cheaper to get new cabinets or refinish?

Opting to refinish, rather than replace, kitchen cabinets is more cost-effective, too; Ballard says it can save you up to $5,000. Of course, if your cabinets aren’t wood, refinishing may not be an option.

How do you restore knotty pine kitchen cabinets?

Knotty pine cabinets lend your home a rustic and retro feel, but the wood is soft and liable to wear and tear. Fortunately, it can be restored by cleaning it like you would most other pieces of wood. Scrub away grime with a mild soap and warm water. For stubborn spots on unpainted cabinets, try a little paint thinner.

How do you update knotty pine wood paneling?

If you are tired of the look of paneling and want a more modern feel to your room, you can cover the knotty pine with drywall. Most knotty pine is 3/4 inch thick, which means you can apply drywall directly to the pine. Cut the drywall to size and screw it in place with drywall screws.

How do you strip pine cabinets?

Dip a paintbrush into an open can of stripper and brush it on the exterior faces of the cabinet. After few minutes, the stripper will turn the varnish into a gel. Begin scraping the gelled varnish off the cabinet from the top down with a flat stick, allowing the gel to drop onto the drop cloth.

When were knotty pine kitchen cabinets popular?

Just as the name suggests, knotty pine is a variety of pine wood exhibiting large amounts of knots. This wood variety was commonly used to create kitchens with rustic appeals in the 1950s.

Can you paint over pine cabinets?

If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, though, it’s fine to just paint over it. If the knotty pine has been covered with polyurethane, you’ll probably need to use an oil-based primer first, because a latex primer won’t stick well to the polyurethane surface.