How much does scuba diving cost in Cairns?

How much does scuba diving cost in Cairns?

You can swim and would like to try first time Introductory Scuba Diving?

TUSA Dive & Snorkel (Adult) $265.00
Reef Quest Dive & Snorkel (Adult) $240.00
Evolution Reef Cruises (Adult) $189.00
Reef Experience (Adult) $195.00

How much does it cost to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef?


Great Barrier Reef Tour $115
Great Barrier Reef Premium Snorkelling Tour $189
Great Barrier Reef Cruise Deluxe $205
Great Barrier Reef Pontoon Adventure $219

Can you scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef?

Diving the Great Barrier Reef with Quicksilver For the most experienced diver or the complete novice, scuba diving is a close encounter of the most unique kind, and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef presents a dazzling rainbow world of coral and sea-life unlike anywhere else on earth.

Can you touch the coral reefs?

Don’t touch! Corals are fragile animals. Be careful not to touch, kick or stand on the corals you see in the water because this may damage or even kill them.

How deep is the Great Barrier Reef?

The reef is located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia, separated from the coast by a channel 100 miles wide in places and over 200 feet deep.

Are there sharks in Cairns?

Species commonly seen are the white tip reef shark, grey reef shark and the silver tip shark which can be up to 1.8 metres in length. The white tip has between 80 and 100 rows of teeth!

Can you scuba dive in Cairns in December?

December Diving Conditions in Cairns Cairns offers hot, humid days and nights with the clear, blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef a cool retreat for divers. Underneath the surface, visibility is good and there is lots of life, following the recent coral spawning of the Great Barrier Reef.

How many days do you need to scuba dive in Cairns?

3 Day Liveaboard Cairns scuba diving trip includes two-night dives and visits Cairns stunning southern reefs, including Milln, Thetford and Flynn Reefs. Pro dive Cairns learn to dive course. Four-day course Great Barrier Reef PADI Liveaboard Learn to Dive. Start to explore the oceans of the World.

Why choose liveaboard diving Cairns for Your Great Barrier Reef trip?

Cairns liveaboard diving trips and multi-day scuba diving tours depart daily, allowing you to maximise your dive time on the Great Barrier Reef. Liveaboard Diving Cairns let you fit more dives into your trip than you could manage on day tours.

What can you do with a liveaboard Cairns tour?

With our liveaboard Cairns Tour packages, you’re able to visit the most popular scuba diving and snorkelling locations along the Great Barrier Reef. You can visit the famous Cod Hole, Coral Sea, Ribbons Reef and many other world-renowned scuba diving destinations.

What are the different types of Cairns liveaboard diving trips?

There are two different types of Cairns liveaboard diving trips. The first is the liveaboard trips that visit Cairns’ Outer Great Barrier Reef. These depart daily and can be booked anywhere from a single night to a week. The second is the liveaboard trips that depart from Cairns and visit the Ribbon Reefs, Cod Hole and Coral Sea.