How much does SilverFast software cost?

How much does SilverFast software cost?

In many ways, LaserSoft Imaging’s SilverFast Ai Studio 8 ($299 to $449, depending on the scanner model) is the Photoshop of scan utilities.

What is SilverFast SE software?

SilverFast SE Plus scanner software is the further development of entry-level version SilverFast SE. Its intelligent image automatic simplifies scanning and image optimization immensely. SilverFast detects the originals to scan and aligns them at a right angle automatically.

What is the latest version of SilverFast?

Version: 9.1. 0 (2021-11-23)

  • General: SilverFast SE Plus and higher now offer a Multi-page PDF maker which can be found in the vertical toolbar of the scanner version or the export dialog of HDR versions.
  • SilverFast’s Ai Studio Histogram features an extra expert option now: Gamma adjustment.

What is SilverFast SE Plus?

What is SilverFast se8?

SilverFast Archive Suite SE 8. LaserSoft Imaging® proudly presents the SilverFast Archive Suite SE 8 – a cost effective solution for digital archiving of photo collections. This software package allows the quick and easy archiving of slides, negatives and reflective images with 48bit color depth.

What is the best scanner software?

Abbyy FineReader – Multi-language support

  • Adobe Acrobat – From the most professional
  • PaperScan – Convenient management of scanned documents
  • OmniPage Standard – Lots of export options
  • NAPS2 – Simple and user-friendly interface
  • ScanSpeeder – Scanner for photographers
  • ExactScan – Suitable for most scanners
  • VueScan – Allows saving files in RAW format
  • What is a free scanner software?

    The first and most important reason to install a scanner software free is that using it rids you of the baggage of physical documents and more or less,aids in

  • With free scanner software you can preserve the documents you cannot afford to cast off.
  • Scanner software for PC or mobile phones will help you in effortlessly editing the documents.
  • What is a software scan?

    Scanning What is Scanning? When you scan an image, you reproduce it in an electronic, digital form. With the digital version, you can then do many things, including: store and retrieve the image to and from a digital storage disk, edit it in software programs like PhotoShop, and compress it for Web broadcast. Requirements: 1.

    What is a software scanner?

    Scanner (Software) Scanner is a disk space analyzing and management tool for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It displays the disk space usage of any drive or directory in the form of a multilevel pie chart which can be navigated up and down through the directory tree. When the mouse cursor is placed above a pie the program displays which