How much is a box of Tokyo Banana?

How much is a box of Tokyo Banana?

The smallest box is $6.10, which is $1.50 per piece….Tokyo Banana prices.

Tokyo Banana (original) Price in Japan*
16 pieces $26 / ¥2,057

Where can I buy Tokyo Banana Tokyo?

1. Tokyo Banana Simply visit 7-Eleven’s physical stores to place your orders. When it’s ready for collection, you can pick it up from the same location. There is also an early bird special till Sept 14. Get two boxes for just $20.20 (U.P. $10.90).

Can I eat expired Tokyo Banana?

Answer: You can eat that after 12 days. but it won’t be as fresh as before expiration days. If you wanna keep it longer, you can store it in the fridge, it also tastes yummy!

Is Tokyo Banana halal?

so based on the ‘Halal in Japan’ Facebook page – the iconic Tokyo Banana snack is not Halal nor suitable for Muslim consumption because one of the ingredients was gelatin and it was from a bovine source plus also liquor too.

What is Tokyo Banana made of?

The original flavor is known as Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa (見ぃつけたっ), and is filled with a banana custard cream. The cream filling uses strained banana puree. After baking, the sponge cake is steamed to bring out a soft texture. Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa is manufactured at MASDAC Corporation’s factory in Tokorozawa, Saitama.

Do I need to keep Tokyo Banana in the fridge?

The manufacture suggests, “best within 7 days,” but if you refrigerate, they keep nice for 2 weeks. As far as I know the price is he same no matter where you buy them.

Does Singapore Sell Tokyo banana?

Tokyo Banana at 7-Eleven Good news for Tokyo Banana fans: 7-Eleven Singapore is now running a promotion on the beloved dessert from Japan! This latest deal, where two boxes retails for $12, means each box is now just $6!

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