How much is a Regent world cruise?

How much is a Regent world cruise?

This 132-Night World Cruise Costs $73,000 a Ticket—And It Sold Out In 3 Hours. Voyagers will visit 31 countries across four continents during their journey.

What is the most luxurious world cruise?

5 most luxurious cruises that go around the world

  1. Silversea, Silver Whisper. Silversea Whisper’s two-bedroom Owner’s Suite.
  2. Cunard, Queen Elizabeth.
  3. Crystal Cruises, Crystal Serenity.
  4. Oceania Cruises, Insignia.
  5. Regent Seven Seas, Navigator.

How many nights is Regent Seven Seas 2023?

144 nights
Navigate the World – 2023 World Cruise, 6 January 2023 (144 nights)

How much is a 4 month cruise around the world?

Regent Seven Seas has unveiled a 4-month world cruise that will stop at 61 World Heritage Sites. Tickets start at $73,500, and $200,000 gets you a suite with a personal butler. Regent Seven Seas has unveiled plans for its 132-day 2024 world cruise, per Fox Business.

How much does 132 night cruise cost?

This Luxurious 132-night World Cruise Costs $73,000 a Ticket — and It Sold Out Within 3 Hours. “This outstanding response has surpassed all expectations and is without a doubt our strongest world cruise launch day ever,” Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ CEO said.

How much is a nine month cruise?

Travelers can book the full nine-month experience, or schedule a specific chunk of the trip and just join for the Americas and Antarctica, for example. Royal Caribbean told CNN Travel the price range for the full excursion is between $66,000 to $112,000 per person, plus taxes and fees.

What is the best cruise ship in the Mediterranean?

Santorini. Santorini wins all the instagram prizes with its pretty white walls and blue domes washed down with stunning sunsets.

  • Mykonos. Mykonos is a party island,the kind that attracts world class DJs and whose clubs stay open until dawn.
  • Crete.
  • What is the best Caribbean cruise ship?

    Best ships for new cruisers and families: Oasis of the Seas,Symphony of the Seas or Anthem of the Seas

  • Best ship if on a budget: Mariner of the Seas or Navigator of the Seas
  • Best ship if you don’t care about crazy activities: Brilliance of the Seas or Empress of the Seas
  • How safe are cruise ships in stormy seas?

    – the upper decks are made of light weight metals, much use of aluminum. – All the heavy equipment, generators, boilers, refrigeration, water storage, and especially fuel tanks are in the lower portion, providing more ballast. – I believe there are ballast tanks that can be loaded wi

    Is oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship?

    Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, the world’s largest and most expensive cruise ship, makes her US debut at Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, in Florida. The Finnish-built 1,187ft long ship, which can carry up to 6,000 passengers on its 15 decks, boasts its own open air park and amphitheatre.