How much is an Action Replay GameCube?

How much is an Action Replay GameCube?

Action Replay Gamecube

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2020-11-24 AR Action Replay Nintendo Gamecube w/Case & Manual Authentic $54.99
2020-11-09 Action Replay For Gamecube $65.00
2020-08-13 Action Replay Cib Gamecube $100.00
2019-03-19 Datel AR Action Replay V1.12 for Gamecube with memory card complete and tested $84.99

What is an Action Replay disc GameCube?

The Datel Action Replay for GameCube is a disc that can talk to your GameCube system and alter the way you are able to play certain titles. You can add new games and codes yourself or import regional games using special software.

Is GameCube Action Replay region free?

The Action Replay will also allow you to boot NTSC-J games by swapping the disc, as it bypasses the region check. This disc can only be booted on NTSC-U systems unless you mod your import system with a region-free chip, or a region switch.

Does Action Replay work on GameCube?

Action Replay is the ultimate game enhancer for the Nintendo GameCube™ console and what’s more you can even use it with GameCube games on your Nintendo Wii™!

Can a US GameCube play Japanese games?

So, you bought a bad ass japanese import game for the GameCube, but your US formatted console won’t play it. You’re in luck! There’s a simple mod you can do to switch back and forth between NTSC-U and NTSC-J.

How do you mod a GameCube?

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What does a xeno chip do GameCube?

The XenoGC features two status LEDs to indicate correct function. The red LED is active when the drive resets and the chip is doing its job. Once the drive has been patched successfully, the green LED will light up….Xeno GC Modchip For GameCube (xenogc, xen8gc)

Minimum Quantity Discount
Buy 5 or more for 7% off each
Buy 10 or more for 30% off each

What is Xeno GC?

Xeno GC is a low cost easy solder modchip for theNintendo GameCube. This chip has a unique hardware design which directly interfaces with the serial debug port on the laser unit.