How much is Carlisle United worth?

How much is Carlisle United worth?

League Two

Club Owner(s) Estimated combined net worth
Bradford City Stefan Rupp (77.5%) $130M
Bristol Rovers Wael al-Qadi (100%) $550M
Carlisle United (more information) Andrew Jenkins (37% of 93% holding company) John Nixon (18%) Steven Pattison (18%) The United Trust (25.4%) $23M
Colchester United Robbie Cowling $55M

Who are Carlisle United Rivals?

Carlisle’s traditional rivals are Workington and Barrow. However, both clubs were voted out of the Football League in the 1970s and consequently competitive matches between the teams have been rare.

When was Carlisle founded?

May 17, 1904Carlisle United F.C. / Year founded

Who sponsors Carlisle?

SPONSORSHIP: Player/staff sponsorship information for the 2021/22 season

1 Magnus Norman Carlisle United Supporters’ Club London Branch
21 Scott Simons Available to sponsor
22 Gabriel Breeze Available to sponsor
23 Lewis Bell Available to sponsor
24 Tobi Sho-Silva Ian & Samantha Jones

Who are Fulham’s biggest rivals?

Fulham’s main rivalries are with fellow West London clubs Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers and Brentford. The club adopted a white shirt and black shorts as its kit in 1903, which has been used ever since.

What did the Romans call Carlisle?

The Roman name for Carlisle was Luguvalio which, by 1106, had been changed to Carleol, which is the origin of the modern day ‘Carlisle’. This is probably derived from an earlier Welsh word Caer or Cair, meaning ‘fort, fortress’.

How did Carlisle get its name?

Carlisle was established by Scots-Irish immigrants in 1751 to serve as the county seat of the newly established Cumberland County. The town was named after Carlisle, Cumberland (now in Cumbria), England.

Who is Chelsea’s main rival?

Arsenal may have been the first choice for many Chelsea fans, as the friction between the clubs goes back to the 1930s. A recent poll revealed that the majority of Chelsea fans consider Arsenal as their main rivals.

Who are Stevenage FC rivals?

In fact, Stevenage counts as its biggest rivals Luton Town and Barnet, now both in different leagues.