How much is council tax in Camden per month?

How much is council tax in Camden per month?

Council tax rates for Borough of Camden 2021/22

Band* 2020/21 2021/22
B £1,262.69 £1,337.37
C £1,443.06 £1,528.41
D £1,623.45 £1,719.47
E £1,984.21 £2,101.57

Why is Camden council tax so high?

On Wednesday, 24 February, Camden Council’s cabinet agreed a 4.99% increase in Council Tax as part of its response to the unprecedented demands of the Covid-19 pandemic and need for investment in vital local services in key public services.

How much is council tax West Hampstead?

Council Tax in West Hampstead, London, Inner London

Band A: £910.67
Band C: £1214.22
Band D: £1366.00
Band E: £1669.56
Band F: £1973.11

How much is Kensington and Chelsea council tax?

Council tax by property band for 2021-22

Band Kensington and Chelsea Total Council Tax
BandF Kensington and Chelsea£1,249.97 Total Council Tax£1,897.43
BandG Kensington and Chelsea£1,442.26 Total Council Tax£2,189.33
BandH Kensington and Chelsea£1,730.72 Total Council Tax£2,627.20

What council is Hampstead?

Hampstead Borough Council
Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead

• Succeeded by London Borough of Camden
Status Metropolitan borough
Government Hampstead Borough Council
• HQ Haverstock Hill

What is the most expensive council tax in the UK?

Which regions have the highest council tax bills in the UK? The areas with the highest council tax bills are Nottingham, Dorset and Rutland, where the respective annual Band D bills are £2,226, £2,223, and £2,195.

Which band of council tax is most expensive?

band H
How much council tax you pay is based on which ‘band’ your property is assigned into, based on its value, with band A being the cheapest and band H (band I in Wales) being the most expensive.

Which council is West Hampstead?

Camden Council
West Hampstead is represented by Camden Council which holds the responsibility for delivering services in your area.

How do I email Camden Council?

To email our office regarding Council Tax, enquiries should be sent to [email protected].