How much is Jollibee in the Philippines?

How much is Jollibee in the Philippines?

Jollibee Menu

Menu Item Price
8 pc Chickenjoy Bucket ₱499.00
Family Super Meals
Family Meal A – 6 pieces Chickenjoy Bucket, 3 rice, 3 sides, 3 sundaes, 3 drinks ₱599.00
Family Meal A – 8 pieces Chickenjoy Bucket, 4 rice, 4 sides, 4 sundaes, 4 drinks ₱799.00

Is Jollibee a boy or girl?

Jollibee is a bee whose body has red and yellow stripes. He has big black eyes, wears a red blazer with black bowtie, a white chef hat, and yellow shoes.

Where does Jollibee get their ingredients?

To get the food exactly right, Jollibee imports the ingredients. “We even import our spices for the Chickenjoy, which we supply our tall processor here,” Villamayor says. “Even the breading and the gravy are all imported from the Philippines.

Can I order Jollibee for someone else Philippines?

The Jollibee Group Multi-Delivery service allows customers to order from oen or more Jollibee Group brands and send to multiple addresses.

What is the best in Jollibee?

Here are the results, ranked from least delicious to most delicious.

  1. ChickenJoy. ChickenJoy is basically the Filipino counterpart to KFC’s fried chicken buckets (but infinitely better).
  2. Chicken Dippers.
  3. Peach Mango Pie.
  4. Chicken Sandwich.
  5. Breakfast ChickenJoy.
  6. Halo-Halo.
  7. Corned Beef.
  8. Fiesta Noodles.

Is Jollibee real Filipino food?

Many items at Jollibee are well known Filipino foods. Of course they aren’t as good as homemade versions of the same dishes, just like McDonald’s or Pizza Hut are also inferior versions of the food they sell. It’s “Filipino” food like Panda Express is “Chinese” food or Taco Bell is “Mexican” food or McDonald’s is “American” food. 277 views

Is Jollibee halal meat in the Philippines?

Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain brand in the Philippines, operating a network of more than 1,400 stores. All of our outlets are now Halal Certified! If the meat itself is not Halal and it s been cooked on the same station as pork or in the same oil, IT S NOT HALAL. See Allergen Declaration.

What is it like to franchise Jollibee?


  • Willing to oversee the day-to-day operation of their restaurant
  • Available for full-time restaurant operations training
  • Able to fully fund the investment requirement
  • What is Jollibee good for?

    – We provide great taste, and superior value to all our customers. – We treat our customers with sincere service and a warm smile. – We take part in creating exceptional customer experience.