How much is Loretta Rogers worth?

How much is Loretta Rogers worth?

since December 1979. She is also a director of Rogers Media Inc., Rogers Telecommunications Inc., Rogers Cable Inc., and Rogers Wireless Communications Inc. In 2016, Forbes magazine estimated Rogers’ net worth at US$5.5 billion.

Where does Loretta Rogers live now?

LORETTA ANN ROGERS • Net Worth $8 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Rogers Communications

Name: Loretta Ann Rogers
Country: Canada
Wife: Edward S. Rogers Jr. (Died 2008)
Children: Lisa, Edward, Melinda, and Martha
Residence: Toronto

How old is Loretta Rogers?

82 years (April 13, 1939)Loretta Anne Robinson / Age

Where is Ted Rogers House?

This is a starkly minimalist setting in which to observe Ted Rogers, whose own home on Frybrook Road, in Toronto’s Old Forest Hill, is warm and gracious and meticulously appointed with antiques.

Is Martha Rogers adopted?

Loretta’s father bought them a house on Frybrook Road in Forest Hill—the elaborately landscaped property contains a tennis court and an indoor pool. They adopted their first child, Lisa, in 1967, then went on to have Edward, Melinda and Martha, each a year apart.

Does Rogers family still own Rogers?

The Rogers Control Trust holds voting control of RCI for the benefit of successive generations of the family of the late Ted Rogers. The equity of the private Rogers family holding companies is owned by members of the Rogers family and trusts for their benefit.

Who is Martha Rogers Toronto?

Martha Loretta Rogers serves as Director of the Company. Ms. Rogers is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Rogers Control Trust6 and previously served as a director of Rogers Wireless Communications Inc. and Rogers Media Inc.

Who are the members of the Rogers Control Trust?

Rogers is the Control Trust Vice-Chair. The Advisory Committee members are appointed in accordance with the estate arrangements. The current members of the Advisory Committee are: Loretta Anne Rogers, Lisa Rogers, Edward S. Rogers, Melinda M.

Who owns Loretta Anne yacht?

Loretta Ann Rogers
The yacht’s owner is Loretta Ann Rogers. The Rogers family previously owned a smaller Alloy Yacht.

Was Mr Rogers a Millionaire?

Fred returned to Pittsburgh in 1967, and “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” premiered on National Educational Television (later known as the Public Broadcasting Service) on February 19, 1968….Fred Rogers Net Worth.

Net Worth: $3 Million
Date of Birth: Mar 20, 1928 – Feb 27, 2003 (74 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)

What is Rogers family worth?

This time it was a blockbuster, as a long-stewing internecine rivalry among the famed Rogers family, whose fortune is estimated at more than $10 billion by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, spilled into public view.