How old is Emma from stoked?

How old is Emma from stoked?


Age: 16
Family: Mother, brothers, dog
Friends: Fin, Broseph, Johnny, Lo, Reef
Talents: surfing, encouraging others, waiting on people

Who does Emma end up with in Stoked?

Kelly, knowing about Emma’s crush, makes her propose marriage to Ty during breakfast. He says that she doesn’t have to do it, but Emma decides to do it anyway. His reply was “Ask me in ten years”, along with an uneasy smile.

Where is Broseph from stoked from?

He speaks with a Caribbean accent, which indicates he was originally from that part of the world before coming to Canada. Broseph is first seen sleeping in the fountain….

Voice Actor: Mazin Elsadig
First Appearance: Welcome to Paradise, Dudes!

Do reef and lo break up?

The two officially break up after Lo realizes that Reef cares about his hair and her equally. Later, Lo is seen holding up a poster with Reef’s face and a red line through it. Around the bonfire, after Gromfest, Lo says that anyone can have him and that Lo Ridgemount is officially a single woman.

Why did Stoked get Cancelled?

As of July 2010, Stoked has been dropped from Cartoon Network’s schedule. While it aired Stoked, there were many complaints, mainly over censoring and over trailer issues.

How old is George from Stoked?


George Ridgemount
Age: 10
Family: Father, Mother, Ty (brother), Lo (sister)
Friends: Grommet
Talents: Scheming, videogames

How old is Johnny Stoked?


Job: Front desk manager
Age: 17
Friends: Broseph, Emma, Reef, Fin, Ripper, No Pants Lance, Lo, Wipeout
Likes: Emma, learning to surf

Is Stoked set in Australia?

Stoked is a character driven animated situational comedy about a group of groms who come together one summer on legendary Sunset Island, British Columbia, to experience the ultimate surfer’s dream — the endless summer.

How old is everyone in Stoked?

Johnny’s a year older than Reef, Broseph, Fin and Emma, who’re all the same age, and two years older than Lo, the youngest of the six main characters. He’s said to be around 17-years-old. Compared to Lo, who’s about fifteen, and Reef, Broseph, Fin and Emma, who’re about sixteen.

Why did 6teen get Cancelled?

Censorship. Because 6teen was targeted towards a more mature audience (preteens and teenagers), certain episodes were considered too risque or inappropriate by the US channels Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. This led to 24 episodes being censored or removed in the United States.

Is Stoked finished?

Stoked (stylized as Stōked) is a Canadian animated series produced by Fresh TV that premiered on Teletoon on June 25, 2009 and ended on January 26, 2013.

Will there be a season 3 of Stoked?

The third season of Stoked will premiere in the spring of 2014. Like seasons 1 & 2 it will have 26 episodes.