How to Find The Best Time to Send Marketing Text Messages

How to Find The Best Time to Send Marketing Text Messages

Sending text messages to your target audience doesn’t imply a specific number of notifications for successful result. Each user spends different time checking their phone, on average, about 150 views per day.

Using the text message tester, you will be able to make a plan for sending messages. Choose the optimal schedule, according to which your notifications will be delivered to potential customers, and proceed to more important things, while the service for sending messages will do the mailing for you.

Chose the right type of message you’re sending

Customers can respond to the newsletter or leave messages unanswered, depending on the content offered. It is also important to choose the right time for mailings. Your message may contain information that is best perceived in the morning. This means that a notification should be sent between 8 and 12 hours on weekdays.

In other cases, the information can be better received in the evening. Pick a time when most clients have finished their working day but are still awake. The latest time at which such a newsletter can be sent is 21.00. Some clients might go to bed later, but you shouldn’t expect that a person is awake and waiting for your message.

Do you want to offer customers a discount for lunch? Then send a test sms at the beginning of the day or a couple of hours before lunchtime; it will help him choose your cafe.

For companies working in entertainment or retail, the best time to send emails is a couple of days before a promotion or sale starts. But if a message is a meeting reminder, you can send a notification 24 hours before the due time.

Respect Your Customers’ Schedules

You shouldn’t send your newsletter early in the morning or late at night. Companies that respect the personal time of potential customers have large audiences. Sending testing text messages to users from all over the world at the same time is also not the best option. In some countries it may be the peak of the working day, in others it is a late night, and your message may simply wake up a client.

Choose a time when clients are not busy with work or study. Aiming at your target audience schedule will help you interact with satisfied customers who are not annoyed by your messages.

Try Different Days of The Week

Try sending test sms texts on different days of the week. Most of the working population is prone to sleep deprivation, and this is most noticeable at the start of a week. Therefore, you should not schedule your mailing for Monday, choose the middle or end of the week for your notifications. Some organizations prefer to send news to their clients on weekends, as the competition decreases markedly these days.

To get a response to messages containing corporate offers, it is better send them in the second half of the week. The beginning of the week is suitable for ads, which should be sent closer to the end of a working day. If a message arrives when the client is at work, he will not appreciate the opportunity to take part in the promotion or get a discount on a new product.

So, When is The Best Time to Send a Text Message?

Different companies use different concepts to develop a successful marketing strategy. Plus, they choose the days of the week for conducting sms test. The most favourable time for sending newsletters is in the middle of the day, namely 12:00. Messages sent on Sunday receive the worst response.

Sms receiving testing gives positive results if you pre-check the response to a message sent at different times of the day. You can send newsletters at different times of the day and use analytics. It will help you find out at what time users most often follow links and perform other target actions.

You can do a lot of experimenting with sending time before a marketing campaign starts generating real revenue. Try ti focus on the preferences of your target audience to find the optimal time for your notifications.