Is a ducted fan more efficient than a propeller?

Is a ducted fan more efficient than a propeller?

By reducing propeller blade tip losses, the ducted fan is more efficient in producing thrust than a conventional propeller of similar diameter, especially at low speed and high static thrust level (airships, hovercraft). Ducted fans offer enhanced safety on the ground.

How do electric RC jets work?

They use an electric ducted fan unit as pictured below. Above: A couple of typical EDF units for jets. As it spins, the impeller draws air in through one or more forward-facing air intakes in the fuselage of the jet, and then forces the air down a cylindrical thrust tube and out the back of the jet.

Do fans produce thrust?

In a typical modern turbofan, about 75-85% of the thrust comes from the fan; this ratio varies with operation conditions (speed and altitude). The core is really there to run the fan. An example: the JT-9D-7/A/F/J/R4 fan produces 78% of the thrust at takeoff at sea level on a standard day.

What is an RC jet airplane?

Arguably the cutting edge of foam electric aircraft, RC jet airplanes powered by electric ducted fans (EDFs) provide exciting performance and impressive scale fidelity. These detailed model jet aircraft require a larger flying area due to their size, with some models reaching speeds above 110 mph!

What are the different types of RC EDF Jets?

The larger the EDF’s diameter, the more advanced the aircraft generally is. 64mm diameter, 70mm, 80mm, and 90mm. Some of our most popular RC EDF jet models include the 64mm F-22, 70mm F-16, 80mm Avanti and MiG-21, and the 90mm Stinger 90. Use the filter menu on the left to narrow your search results or browse radio controlled jet airplane below.

What is the size of an electric ducted fan?

The E-TURBAX electric ducted fan unit is 5 1/4 inches (133.3mm) outside diameter, with a 4 3/4 inch (120mm) diameter fan. Thrust can be 13-15 lbs, with an RPM of 30,000. This is certainly one of the largest units available.

What makes an electric ducted fan so powerful?

The recent improvements in electric motor and Li-Po battery technology have enabled the development of electric ducted fans to reach fantastic levels of performance. The secret is in the RPMs available. Now revs can be close to 50.000RPM. This results in high thrust to weight ratios, that in turn gives true jet-like performance.