Is a Samsung J7 a good phone?

Is a Samsung J7 a good phone?

For $230, the Samsung Galaxy J7 is a very capable phablet held back only by mixed camera performance and lackluster call quality. Unless you’re keen on a stylus, the J7 is a better buy than the $180 Stylo 2, thanks to its more powerful processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, and NFC support.

Do they still make the Samsung Galaxy J7?

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) (also known as Galaxy J7 Pro) is an Android-based smartphone produced, released and marketed by Samsung Electronics….Samsung Galaxy J7 2017.

Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Compatible networks 2G GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 3G HSDPA 850, 900, 1900, 2100 4G LTE Bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20

What model is a Galaxy J7?

The 2015 model will be called the ‘Galaxy J7’, while the 2016 model will be called ‘Galaxy J7 (2016)’. After that, it gets more complicated as the roster of Galaxy J7 phones has swelled to include the J7 Prime, J7 Max, J7 Pro and J7 Nxt.

Does Samsung J7 have fast charging?

Question- Is Fast Charging Supported in Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)? Answer- No, quick charging is not available in this phone.

How much is J7?

Compare with similar items

This item Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) G610F/DS – 5.5″ Dual SIM Unlocked Phone with Finger Print Sensor (Gold) Samsung Galaxy J7 4G LTE 5″ 16 GB GSM Unlocked – Black
Price Unavailable $16750
Sold By Aimportar USA
Color Gold Black
Screen Size 5.5 inches 5.5 inches

How long does a Samsung J7 battery last?

With nearly 11 hours of battery life, this is one of the longer lasting phones we’ve ever tested. You can expect the J7 6 to easily last a full day, and up to two days with moderate use.