Is Auxerre worth visiting?

Is Auxerre worth visiting?

Perfect to visit as part of a longer Burgundian excursion, the city is divided into three parts; Le Quartier Saint Pierre, Le Quartier de la Marine, and Quartier de l’Horloge. Each area has its own distinctive vibe and history and all are worth exploring.

What is Auxerre known for?

Auxerre is a commercial and industrial centre, with industries including food production, woodworking and batteries. It is also noted for its production of Burgundy wine, including Chablis. In 1995 Auxerre was named “Town of Art and History”.

Which league is Auxerre?

Ligue 2
Coupe de la Ligue
AJ Auxerre/Leagues

What department is Auxerre?

the Yonne department
Auxerre, which is the capital of the Yonne department, is the fourth-largest city in the world famous Burgundy region.

Is Macon worth visiting?

Like many French towns, Mâcon has no shortage of ancient churches and cathedrals that are worth a visit. This Byzantine church served as the seat of the Bishop of Mâcon until 1801 and today is considered an emblematic structure of the city.

Who made the Lady of Auxerre?

A common claim about this statue’s classification is Daedalic style, which describes ue is Daedalic style, which summarizes the new Greek techniques of stone sculpting in the 7th century. Daedalus, who was said to be one of the first artisans to make statues in antiquity, is credited with naming this style.

Is Lyon part of Burgundy?

Kingdom of Burgundy was a name given to various states located in Western Europe during the Middle Ages. The historical Burgundy correlates with the border area of France, Italy and Switzerland and includes the major modern cities of Geneva and Lyon.

What is Macon France known for?

The Best Things to See and Do in Mâcon, France

  • Learn about the town’s history at the Musée des Ursulines.
  • Explore the apothecary at the Hôtel-Dieu of Mâcon.
  • Journey along the Saône river.
  • Discover Mâcon’s beautiful churches.
  • Visit the Memorial Citoyen, a tribute to the pride of the French people.