Is Claudia Santoso Filipino?

Is Claudia Santoso Filipino?

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso (born 27 October 2000) is an Indonesian singer. She is known for winning the ninth season of The Voice of Germany and became the first person of asian descent who won the title, broadcast by the German television channels ProSieben and Sat. 1 in 2019.

How old is Claudia Santoso?

21 years (October 27, 2000)Claudia Emmanuela Santoso / Age

How old is Claudia from The Voice?

Claudia Harrison

Name Claudia Harrison
Age 18 years old
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White

Where is Claudia Emmanuela now?

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso moved from Indonesia to Germany in 2018. The talented singer has just won the German reality talent show “The Voice of Germany.”

What is the nationality of Claudia Emmanuella Santoso?

IndonesianClaudia Emmanuela Santoso / Nationality

Who is the winner of The Voice Germany 2019?

Claudia Emmanuela SantosoThe Voice of Germany / Winner

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso was named the winner of the season on November 10, 2019; making her the third foreigner contestant to win in the show’s history and Alice Merton became the first female coach to win The Voice of Germany.

Who won Australia Voice 2019?

Bella Taylor Smith
This year, Guy Sebastian’s team member Bella Taylor Smith was crowned the winner, delivering her a recording contract with EMI Recorded Music Australia and $100,000 prize money. Later this year, Channel 7 will air a spin-off of the show, The Voice: Generations.

Is Claudillea Holloway still in the voice?

Claudillea made waves in 2020 after earning a place on The Voice UK, first on Team Meghan and later stolen by Will.I.Am. This year, Claudillea is ready to step into her own spotlight with an EP that will be released in the summer. Now based in London, Claudillea is focused on making operatic vocals more accessible.

Did Lukas Rieger win The Voice?

In 2014, he took part in the casting show, The Voice Kids, where he performed on the blind auditions. During a performance of “Can’t Hold Us” by rapper Macklemore, the judge and singer-songwriter Lena Meyer-Landrut selected him to be part of her team. However, Rieger did not reach the finals.