Is Ender Wiggin a good leader?

Is Ender Wiggin a good leader?

Ender Wiggin was a damn good leader, and I had a lot to learn from him. You do your thing, Ender. Never have to give orders, just make suggestions.

How is leadership portrayed in Ender’s Game?

The most distinguishing leadership characteristic of Ender is not his strategic ability, it is his compassion for his team and even his enemy. A good leader cares. Authority, order, and discipline are only valuable when borne from independence, trust, and creativity.

What kind of leader is ender?

1) Ender was the same kind of leader as his previous commanders. He was harsh and would take no nonsense but he was smart and clever. He let the boys know that he had the power and that they had to respect him.

Is Ender Wiggin a hero?

This applies to Andrew Wiggin, commonly known as Ender, in Orson Scott Card’s science-fiction adventure Ender’s Game. Unlike many heroes, Ender is recruited at the mere age of six for Battle School to learn military strategy and saves the human race before puberty. Hence, Ender both is and is not a hero.

How smart is Ender Wiggin?

Technically Ender Wiggin is no smarter than Orson Scott Card. Battle school is only full of genius children. Ender’s family has a high potential, so permission for a ‘third’ was granted. But in a room full of geniuses, something more is needed.

Is Ender a good person?

Ender instills the thought that he’s only good enough to be a commander and that it’s his only purpose in life. As a compassionate and empathetic person that he is, Ender refuses to kill and hurt others, but is constantly put into situations where his survival only depends on his ability to fight back.

Why is Ender called Ender?

Andrew Wiggin goes by the name “Ender” because that was what his older sister called him growing up. From a similar scene in the original Ender’s Game book (this takes place in a cafeteria, not on a shuttle): A bigger boy came to sit by him. Not just a little bigger- he looked to be twelve or thirteen.

Is Ender a real name?

The name Ender means Extremely Rare and is of Turkish origin.

How old is Ender Wiggins?

The young boy chosen to do just that is six year old Andrew Wiggin also known as Ender. According to the government, Ender exhibits the traits needed to assure that victory. At six years old he enters battle school and begins preparation for the bugger war.

Why did Ender kill Stilson?

His main job here is to be killed by Ender for the crime of being a bully.

How old is ender at the end of the book?

In the book, Ender was 6 when he left Earth for Battle School and 11 by the time of the *ahem* “final examination” battle. I haven’t actually seen the movie to know if it actually states Ender’s age, but the film-makers have said Ender in the movie is 12.

Why is Ender’s Game a banned book?

The reason Ender’s Game was first banned is because it was placed on a “hit list” of “evil books” by a Baptist group many years ago, and it was placed on that list for no other reason than that I’m a Mormon, and therefore no children should be reading a book by me.

Is Valentine older than Ender?

Ender was accepted into Battle School and left when Valentine was eight years old. Soon afterwards, the Wiggin family moved to Greensboro, North Carolina. Two years later, she celebrated Ender’s birthday all by herself in the woods around Greensboro.

How does Ender kill Bonzo?

Evading him with the slipperiness of his still-soapy skin, Ender quickly ended the battle by hitting Bonzo in the face with the back of his head as Bonzo attempted to avoid an expected attack to his groin. Unknown to Ender at the time, this attack killed Bonzo.

Why does Bonzo hit Ender in his face?

After the battle, Bonzo announces Ender has been traded to Rat Army. He also strikes Ender in the face for being disobedient. Ender hears the other soldiers reacting, and he knows Bonzo has weakened his position as leader. Ender signs up for a personal combat class so he is prepared if anyone hits him again.