Is House of Sillage legit?

Is House of Sillage legit?

House of Sillage has an overall rating of 1.5 out of 5, based on over 39 reviews left anonymously by employees. 8% of employees would recommend working at House of Sillage to a friend and 10% have a positive outlook for the business.

Who is House of Sillage?

House of Sillage is based in California and produced in France. The company creates extraordinary fragrances which are rivaled only by their breathtaking bottles. Under the guidance of Founder Nicole Mather, House of Sillage dedicates itself to maintaining and surpassing the true definitions of luxury.

What Sillage means?

“‘Sillage’ is the French word for the perfume trail left in the air when someone leaves the room, similar to the ‘wake’ of a boat or the track of waves that it makes behind it as it moves through the water,” explains Sue Phillips, CEO of fragrance and consulting firm Scenterprises.

Who is Nicole Mather?

Nicole Mather is CEO and Founder of House of Sillage, an haute parfumerie dedicated to maintaining and surpassing the true definitions of luxury. House of Sillage creates extraordinary fragrances in coveted, breathtaking bottles, which are a true reflection of Nicole’s creative expression and innovative spirit.

How do you measure sillage?

How to test sillage? In order to test the sillage of your fragrance, try this simple test: Spray it just once in a clean, empty room and close the door and the windows. After ten to fifteen minutes, open the door and take a deep inhale.

How do you use sillage in a sentence?

Generally, the most complimented fragrances are the ones with a strong sillage. With a strong sillage from the woody musks, this perfume is sure to create an elusive yet alluring olfactory signature.

What does Projection mean in perfume?

Projection: Sillage and Projection are often terms that are confused for the other. However the difference between them is that while sillage is what trail your perfume leaves behind, projection is the length your perfume radiates to. Projection is how far a perfume pushes out into the air.

What is a Sillage?

Sillage Pronounced “see-yazh,” this refers to the trail of scent left behind from a perfume. You know when someone steps off an elevator and you catch a whiff of their Chloé? Hello, sillage. Note Simply put, a note is like an ingredient.

How much does House of Sillage cost?

Regular price $ 285.00 Save $ -285.00 Rivaled by none, desired by all. Created for the confident, House of Sillage proudly presents Men’s HOS N.004 fragrance. The untamable adrenaline rush of a lifetime, N.004 is a striking and unique scent designed for the gentleman that exemplifies what means to be both adventurous and luxurious.

What is in the 2021 Sillage winter collection?

Our 2021 Sillage Winter Collection is filled with a complex array of different coats and jackets, all sporting unique fits in a wide variety of timeless autumnal colorways.